Meeting Reports

Meeting Reports


Friday 1st March 2019
‘A G M & Members Evening'

The AGM 1 March was attended by 34 members and visitors who heard satisfactory reports from the Officers. Re-elected were Chairman and Sales Officer - Canon Rev Brian Arman, Secretary - Paul Udey, Treasurer - Stewart Jolly, Catering Officer and RO Reporter - Roger Newman and Committee- Andrew Davison, Tony Horstmann, David McCollum, Dale Robertson, and Reg Wood. Members presentation followed with slides by David McCollum 'LNER Wales and Wirral (part 3) looking mainly at LMS, Standard and then GW locomotives. Next was Bruce Parkin with 'A Footplateman's View'. Always with a camera in his bag, scenes were mainly around Bristol but a diesel in Holloway Street tunnel from the track was privileged. Digital presenters were firstly Dale Robertson with 'Little Trains of France' covering 60cm and 75cm railways in the north, secondly Stewart Jolly with 'Still Loco after all these Years', looking at diesel hauled scheduled services in the modern era and lastly Arthur Turner with 'Forty Years On' depicting in 1979 electric and steam on the main line and preserved railways including a magnificent signal gantry at Eastleigh. A great variety of subjects.

Friday 4th January 2019
‘From Hawksworth to Hellfire Swindon Works 1939-86’
Branch Chairman Brian Arman

4th January Society President Canon Rev Brian Arman paid his annual visit to his own branch continuing the GWR story 'From Hawksworth to the End of Steam, Swindon Works 1940-65'. Frederick Hawksworth did not like children, especially those who stole plums from the trees in his garden. Becoming CME in 1942 , he had to deal with wartime restrictions on rolling stock maintenance. Works support for the war effort came with manufacturing Bofars gun mounts, midget subs to attack the German Tirpitz, 1000lbs bomb cases, bomb detonators, about 1000 landing barges and tank tracks depicted with rare photographs. Ladies played an important role in manufacturing. 50 Dean goods were built for the WD in Europe and 75 Stanier 8F's remained in the UK. Construction continued with Modified Hall class, 8400, 9400 and 3400 panier's and the last of 171 Castles. The works saw prototype Gas Turbines 18000 and 18100 and in 1950 ten more Manors. The Test shop had many interesting visitors including 46413, 60845,71000, Bullied Merchant Navy as well as GWR classes County, Manor and King. Various Standard class built were 75xxx, 77xxx, 82xxx and 9F culminating in 92220 Evening Star. Even S&D 53806 made an appearance. Brian's amazing knowledge of the history of the works was appreciated by the audience of 56.

Friday 21st December 2018
Christmas Buffet & Quiz

21st December was the annual year end photographic examination. New Headmaster Paul Udey presided over a wide range of UK questions and topics. With OFSTED approval, top of the class of 38 students was Stewart Jolly with Andrew Davison a close second and third 'Prof'' Dale Robertson (a case of needs to try harder). Into detention went Brian Turner and Martin Frith scored nearest to the mystic number. All then enjoyed a hot/cold festive buffet provided by Terri Arman, plus tea/coffee/fruit juices and crackers accompanied by Michael Wyatt's 'After Eight Mints', and Jacky Newman's mince pies. Happy belated New Year.

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