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Meeting Reports

Monday 20th February 2017
The Tom Lawrence Photographic Collection - Part 2
Graham Walker of Nuneaton Railway Society

At Coventry on 20th February Graham Walker of Nuneaton Railway Society presented part two of the digitalised photographic collection of Tom Lawrence.
Tom’s large collection was taken in the period 1956 -1960 and forms an evocative record of steam at that time, together with the introduction of diesel traction by BR. As could be expected, the Nuneaton area, in particular the MPD, featured, but the photographer ventured far and wide, encompassing much of the British Isles. Notable items were 10100 at Derby, 10000/1 at Willesden, 58050 at Rowsley, 47004 at Hasland, and 50271 at Southport plus many others. Also featured was Coventry station before its rebuilding in 1962 and the large signal gantry over the main line at Nuneaton.

An excellent evening of nostalgia recording a period now consigned to history.

Monday 6th February 2017
Railways at the Turn of the Fifties
Robin Mathams

At Birmingham on 6th February we were pleased to welcome back Robin Mathams for a presentation entitled “Railways at the Turn of the Fifties” being another selection from the Moseley Collection of photographs.
Robin showed ex LMS locomotives at work in the West Midlands area with Stanier Pacifics, Royal Scots, Patriots, Jubilees and Compounds on expresses with 8Fs and LNWR 0-8-0 on freights, also the 0-10-0 at work on the Lickey.
A range of Kings, Castles, Halls, and Granges were see on the GWR lines from Snow Hill.
The LNER was represented by Pacifics, V2s and B1s on the East Coast and GCR main lines.
The Moseley family holidays strayed on to the SR and produced Bullied Pacifics plus R1 0-6-0Ts on the Folkestone Harbour branch.

An immense variety forming an afternoon of pure nostalgia.

Monday 16th January 2017
Branch AGM followed by Members' Presentations

The Branch AGM was held at Coventry on 16th January. Reports were given by the Committee attending and a message was read out from David Walker explaining his resignation due to family circumstances. Apart from David the current committee were given a further term there being no other nominations.

After the formal part of the evening, four members provided a show of slides and digital content.
Commencing, Chris Berridge focused on the Southern in the latter days of steam. Then Chris Youett enlightened us on various matters concerning GWR and Southern coaching stock from his extensive knowledge. Turning to digital, Derek Codling took us to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with an accent on museums and preservation. Mike Lane concluded the proceedings with shots, converted to digital format, taken in the early 1960s of a wide variety of locomotives on shed.

An evening of variety and nostalgia.

Monday 9th January 2017
Members Slides and Digital Presentations

The 9th January at Birmingham was a member’s afternoon.
Chris Youett commenced with slides of coaching stock in early BR days including Wagons Lit and the blue Pullman.
Phil Dooley showed a Class 47 which came to grief with a runaway coal train near Wolverhampton.
Antony Linekar presented steam on BR in Scotland and the London area.
Brian Hutton then took us to Portugal for metre and broad gauge in 1970s.
Jim Hunt showed views on the Western Region in the 1960/70s and preservation on the Seven Valley and the Isle of Wight.
Nigel Sporne concluded with steam in the North during its last days.
A show of great variety by local talent.

Monday 12th December 2016
Steam on the Main Line 2016
David Richards and Karl Jauncey of PSOV

At Coventry on 12th December the Branch once again welcomed David Richards and Karl Launcey of PSOV to present their DVD review of “Steam on the Main Line 2016”.
This was well up to the usual standard with superb shots of varied classes of locomotives in scenic locations, with many viaducts and bridges including the Forth Bridge, Brunel’s masterpiece at Saltash, and Concrete Bob’s in the Highlands.
Well to the fore were recently overhauled 46100 and 60103, now very much in service after a long period of restoration. The large crowds drawn to witness “Flying Scotsman” were recorded, plus the BBC helicopter recording the first run. Photography from the footplate was featured and superb shots at night including a run up Lickey. Much of the action was in the north over the Cumbrian fells and in the Scottish Highlands.
Our local area was not forgotten with 5043 and 9466 featured on local outings from Tyseley. Hard working machines were seen over the Devon Banks and into the Royal Duchy.

David and Karl’s show is always a must for enthusiasts of steam in full action.

Monday 5th December 2016
The French High Speed Rail Network and TGV
Michael Bunn, SNCF Society

At Birmingham on 5th December, Michael Bunn from the SNCF Society presented “The French High Speed Rail Network and the TGV”.
France wanted high speed as early as the mid-nineteenth century with the 120km/h Cramptons and later steam types. In 1972 was trialled an articulated gas turbine set which led to the prototype TGV in 1976, having 1500v DC and 25KV Ac pantographs and could change voltage on the move.
Michael described further development culminating in the shortened set which set a world speed record of 572.8 Km/h.
The first services ran Paris-Lyon in 1981, extended to Marseille and Nice in 1986. The network has since expanded to cover much of France and capacity issues resulted in the Duplex double deck version.
The first Eurostar were a United Kingdom version to our loading gauge with 750V DC, 25KV Ac and 3000VDC power collection. The network took less time than the projected HS2.

An enjoyable presentation recommended and containing much more detail than recorded here.

Monday 21st November 2016
American Wanderings: Heading East
Gordon Davies, Society Chairman

At Coventry on 21st November the Society Chairman, Gordon Davies, presented a digital presentation American Wanderings; Heading East. Gordon has made many visits across the pond and this excerpt was from his visit in 2012 when starting in Atlanta he made his way north east eventually terminating in Boston and on the way visiting innumerable museums, works and preservation locations plus taking lineside views of current operations both freight and passenger.
He stated that much of it was of black locomotives being largely an area served by Norfolk and Southern RR. However many colourful machines were shown, particularly the twenty diesels decked out in the livery of the fallen flags which formed the constituents of N & S both gathered in a roundhouse and in operation.
The variety of types both steam, diesel, and electric illustrated would fill several pages of this column. Suffice to mention the operating standard gauge Shay on the Cass Scenic Railroad, the many preserved GP1 electrics in varied condition, the 4-6-4T (large tanks are unusual in America) at Scranton, and the superb collections at Altoona and the Strasburg RR.
Tram and Metro systems also were covered. The list of locations visited was endless and with Gordons lucid commentary, provided a most entertaining, not to be missed, evening.

Monday 17th October 2016
The LNER B17 New Build Project, 'Spirit of Sandringham'
Brian Hall

At Coventry on 17th Brian Hall, Chairman of the B17 Steam Locomotive Trust presented an in depth report on the scheme to build a B17 to 61673 Spirit of Sandringham.
The B17s were regarded as East Anglias own engines, 73 of the class being built over a nine year period from 1928, the last being withdrawn in 1960 with, sadly, none preserved. This new build seeks to remedy the position.
Construction has commenced, with assembly being carried out in the workshops of the Llangollen Railway. Brian covered the construction and working history of the class with illustrations, including one of the two which had A4 style streamlining, for working Liverpool Street-Norwich crack expresses.
The current construction of the new build was also illustrated. The numerous restrictions over the GER route which resulted in the need for this special class were explained. Fortunately, much original documentation has been preserved to enable the new build, but equipped with items which should allow it to operate over the main line. The frame buffer beam and drag box have been assembled and a brass nameplate produced. Two tenders are to be provided allowing it run with both GER and LNER examples as both, although in poor condition, have been found.
Brian concluded with film of the profiling and drilling of the frames at locations in the West Midlands.

Monday 3rd October 2016
The Three Musketeers Symposium
Derek Morris, Peter Smith and Gordon Earl

At Birmingham on 3rd October the advertised Three Musketeers Symposium was reduced to two due to technical problems. Derek Morriss contribution had to be deferred to a later date.
Peter Smith was further hampered by incorrect colour rendering. After rectification he commenced with a Branch Line Society tour in Herefordshire, followed with both old Ansaldo and new CAF trams on Midland Metro including the recently opened extension to New Street.
The Grand Central shopping centre above New Street came next, then several miniature lines in England, scenes in New Zealand including the Christchurch tramway rebuilt after the earthquake.
He concluded with trams in the Black Country, on the Isle of Man and on the Great Orme.

The second Musketeer, Gordon Earl, visited Llangollen and then presented a wide selection of items at Statfold Barn in June this year. These included the replica Galloping Goose, the garden railway and the plethora of steam working the field railway both in operation and at rest.

Monday 19th September 2016
Vivarail and the State-of-the-Art New Trains

At Coventry on 19th September Adrian Shooter, CEO of Vivarail and formerly with Chiltern Railways, gave an informative detailed talk on the Companys Class 230 DMU.
Recognising the urgent need for a DMU with a high capacity but at reasonable cost, Vivarail was formed in 2011 and in 2014 bid for and bought 150 driving motor cars and 300 carriages of ex-District line D78 stock dating from the 1980s. These began to arrive at Long Marston in January 2015.
The conversion programme uses the aluminium body shells, which are in good condition, modified traction motors, and bogies with two new Ford diesel engines fitted to each power car. The units will be offered in two or three car configuration with seating to customers specification. Special reinforced crash resistant end cab units have been designed to comply with regulations, as some concern has been expressed at the number of level crossing accidents on secondary routes. The prototype was completed in August 2015 and, having undergone extensive tests, full certification is imminent.
Enquires have been made by a number of operators and, in July, LM announced that the prototype, three car unit 230001, would be acquired on a twelve month contract, to run their Coventry-Nuneaton service which is in urgent need of more capacity as it serves Wasps Rugby Club and events held at its Ricoh stadium. Commencement of this trial is due before the end of the year, but no date has yet been announced.
After Adrians talk, pictures were shown of the construction and of the prototype. He then fielded an extended question and answer session.

Monday 5th September 2016
And You Thought They Were Clean - Part 2
Chris Youett

The Branch programme in Birmingham opened on 5th September when Chris Youett presented And you thought they were clean part 2.
Well they really were clean, immaculate, locomotives from all four main line railways and their constituents, at work and on shed all over Great Britain in 1938 and 1939, many in ex-works condition.
Highlights included streamlined Coronations in both blue and crimson, plus the non-streamlined variants. Notable were LMS 6229 as 6220 in the USA in 1939, and LNER A3 and A4 In various guises, also V2s, D16s on Royal duty, Castles, Saints, Lord Nelsons, King Arthurs, Schools and not least GNR No1 on the 1938 Society special. Humbler types also featured at work in clean condition.
We also saw early Southern EMUs, the experimental LMS unit 80001/2 and for the shipping enthusiasts paddle steamer Whippingham crossing the Solent.

We thank Chris for a varied and excellent entertainment.

Monday 16th May 2016
East and West Africa 1973
Mike Lane

At Coventry on 16th May we were treated with a visit to Africa, when steam was in full use, by local member Mike Lane. Mike spent most of 1973 in Africa including a period working on the railway in Botswana.
The show, part of Mikes large collection from his world wide travels, covered visits to Mozambique, Malawi, Rhodesia, and the area covered by East African Railways, namely Kenya, Uganda, and Tanganyika. Many countries names have since been changed following independence.
The range of locomotive types recorded was extensive and too numerous to detail, ranging from massive Garretts, for which the continent is noted, to dock shunters. Mike managed to take all classes extant in 1973, plus many preserved examples, both operative and plinthed.
It was interesting to note the variety of builders mainly from Britain, Germany, France, and the USA.
The last steam passenger working in Botswana, carrying a headboard 1897-1973, was duly recorded.
Many of the illustrations were in scenic locations out in the bush, with a preponderance of freight, as passenger (mail) trains are few many operating overnight.
Mikes show was enlivened by his recollections of the trials of an enthusiast travelling (often hitching) in the area. Locals, mainly, were very friendly, often resulting in footplate experiences.
Visits were made locomotive depots and works, and of note was the pristine condition of ex- works EAR locomotives in their Midland red livery.

A show for the steam aficionado, but unfortunately with a lower than usual gathering, no doubt due to the glorious weather outside.

Monday 18th April 2016
The Nuneaton-Coventry-Leamington Line
Peter Lee

On 18th April Local Nuneaton historian Peter Lee presented a review of the Nuneaton-Coventry line in the Days of Steam, with the odd DMU intruding.
Commencing at Nuneaton, he illustrated all of the stations on the line which had opened in 1850. Peter covered all the various branches which radiated off the line serving collieries, brickworks, and industrial concerns including Coventry gas works and Electricity power station.
He then covered Nuneaton motive power depot, which opened in 1850 and closed in 1966. The varied forms of motive power were illustrated with some interesting old pictures.
It is only with a show like this that one recalls the great variety from 2-4-2Ts, up to LMS Pacifics. Also included were the two locally produced railcars which ran some services prior to the Second World War.
A show which brought back fond memories to many of the audience.

Monday 4th April 2016
Railways Around Nationalisation
Robin Mathams

For their last meeting of the season in Birmingham on 4th April, we welcomed back Robin Mathams with his digital presentation, Railways Around Nationalisation. This material is from the Percy Moseley collection, this gentleman having been a senior engineer at Humber Cars in Coventry, the vast majority being taken from 120 size monochrome negatives of excellent quality.
The period covered, from 1946 to 1949, included some real gems, many taken locally, but also including other locations too, including rare images of some of the early BR experimental liveries. Perhaps the most evident aspect was the still grimy and run-down state of the nations rail system at this time, but the vast variety of locomotives and rolling stock more than made up for this, with every variation from diminutive 0-4-0s to Garratts.
This was backed up by a well-informed commentary, including many interesting snippets of detail, which held a good sized audiences attention throughout. Other Branches also would find this presentation of considerable interest.

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