Rannoch's mystery carriage

   A familiar view to travellers on the West Highland line is this carriage now used as an angling club camping coach at Rannoch station. Despite it being located there for at least half a century its original identity remains a mystery?   Ivor Bufton

Since the 1950's a familiar sight at Rannoch station has been a rather elderly carriage on an isolated section of track. This is used by an Angling Club whose members once worked at St. Rollox Works, Glasgow. The exact identity of this carriage has though never been established. The story goes that it was acquired from the works scrap line and after some modifications done during 'lunch breaks' it was moved from Glasgow to Rannoch by rail. Whether the carriages disposal by BR was ever correctly recorded or not may be one of the reasons why its identity has never been established.

General consensus is that the carriage is of LNWR origin and has features consistent with it having been built to LNWR Carriage Diagram 266. Such carriages had running numbers 2698 to 2766. Interestingly Scottish Region Camping Coach SC2 was converted from 2703 and it has been suggested that this may actually be the mystery Rannoch carriage. It would though appear that SC2 was still in use as a Camping Coach several years after the mystery carriage arrived at Rannoch.

Any help in establishing its true identity would be very much welcomed.

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Last updated: 31st March 2019