D2411 at Hurlford on 8th August 1958. Its immaculate condition suggests that it was on route from the Andrew Barclay works at Kilmarnock to Inverness   Martin Beckett
First allocated to Inverness in July 1958. Transferred to Perth in September 1963. Transferred to Dundee in November 1965. Transferred to Ayr in March 1967 from where it was withdrawn in June 1968. From observations received it appears to have moved to Thornton depot shortly before official withdrawal and remained their, presumably out of use, until being sent for scrapping.

Sightings for D2411

LocoLocationDateSeen by
D2411Hurlford shed 67B08/08/1958Martin Beckett
D2411Inverurie Works26/03/1961RO 1961 page 155
D2411Between Aviemore & Keith09/07/1962Roger Smith
D2411Inverness Sidings03/08/1962Ian Ward
D2411Inverness Yards17/04/1963Ian Ward
D2411Inverness Depot07/07/1963Bob Stone
D2411Inverness29/08/1963Robert Warburton
D2411Perth shed05/10/1963Robin Lush
D2411Perth Depot30/03/1964Roy Hennefer
D2411Perth Depot17/05/1964Roy Hennefer
D2411Perth Station Siding29/07/1964Ian Lander
D2411Perth12/08/1964Brian Swinn
D2411Perth Depot13/08/1964Charles Taylor
D2411Perth Depot15/08/1964Bob Stone
D2411Perth Depot20/03/1965T.F.Davis
D2411Perth Depot17/04/1965A Ledwick
D2411Perth Depot19/04/1965Roy Hennefer
D2411Perth Depot20/04/1965Roy Hennefer
D2411Perth Depot23/06/1965Bob Stone
D2411Perth Depot31/07/1965Bob Stone
D2411Perth Depot02/08/1965Bob Wallen
D2411Perth Depot08/08/1965Roy Hennefer
D2411Perth shed03/10/1965Robin Lush
D2411Dundee Depot09/04/1966Alan Ledwick
D2411Dundee Depot11/04/1966Roy Hennefer
D2411Dundee West Depot08/07/1966Trevor Davis
D2411Dundee Depot15/07/1966Ian Lander
D2411Perth Depot28/08/1966stuart ottaway
D2411Dundee Depot28/08/1966Peter Martin
D2411Dundee Depot31/08/1966Robert Warburton
D2411Ardrossan09/09/1967roy dean
D2411Thornton Depot04/05/1968Andrew Dodgson
D2411Thornton Depot27/07/1968Peter Martin
D2411Thornton Depot29/08/1968Robert Warburton
D2411Thornton Depot12/09/1968RO 1968 Page 403

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