D2423 - 06006

   Cl 06 No. D2423 at Inverness 15/7/69  
First allocated to Kittybrewster in April 1959 and transferred to Inverness the following month. It was transferred to Aberdeen Ferryhill in June 1971 as a result of the closure of the Inverness Harbour branch. Whilst at Aberdeen Ferryhill its duties were in the docks. In early 1973 it visited St.Rollox Works and during that period its duties at Aberdeen were covered by D2444. It moved to Dundee in June 1977 where it replaced 06004 when the requirement for a locomotive at Aberdeen ceased. During the Spring of 1979 it was loaned to Dunfermline Townhill for a short period. In the mid 1970's seven Class 06 were distributed between Aberdeen Ferryhill, Dundee and Dunfermline Townhill. Aberdeen Ferryhill was allocated one for use in the Docks. Dunfermline Townhill was allocated four, two at Kirkcaldy, one at Markinch and one at the depot. Dundee was allocated two, one for use in the Harbour and one spare. The spare locomotive at Dundee appears to have given cover if needed for Aberdeen Ferryhill and Dunfermline Townhill locomotives being unavailable. It was withdrawn from Dundee in 1980 along with 06005 when they were replaced by 06002 and 06003. It remained at Dundee after withdrawal and was scrapped on site during July 1983 along with 06005. Details of which company actually scrapped the locomotive would be very much welcomed.

   Cl 06 No. D2423 stabled at Inverness 30/3/70  
   D2423 at Inverness Depot on 30th July 1970   Brian Swinn

   D2423 at Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot on 8th June 1971. The absence of connecting rods suggests that it may have only recently arrived from Inverness.   Keith Gunner
   Cl 06 No. 06 006 at Dundee 17/9/77  

   06006 at Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot. Note the forward position of the double arrow on the side captured in this view   Alastair Allan
   06006 at Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot. Note the centre position of the double arrow on the side captured in this view   Alastair Allan

   Locomotives allocated to Dundee saw use in the harbour and associated sidings. 06006 is pictured in the Harbour on 18th July 1979.   Bill Atkinson

Sightings for D2423

LocoLocationDateSeen by
D2423Cowlairs Works10/04/1959RO 1959 page 171
D2423Inverness Depot05/06/1961Roger Smith
D2423Inverness Depot15/08/1961Robin Lush
D2423Inverness Depot24/04/1962Dave Hird
D2423Inverness Depot09/07/1962Roger Smith
D2423Inverness Depot03/08/1962Ian Ward
D2423Eastfield Depot20/04/1963Ian Ward
D2423Inverness Depot07/06/1963Bob Stone
D2423Inverness29/08/1963Robert Warburton
D2423Eastfield Depot14/10/1963Jim Dempsey
D2423Inverness Depot12/08/1964Charles Taylor
D2423Inverness Depot21/11/1964Roy Hennefer
D2423Inverness Depot17/04/1965Alan Ledwick
D2423Inverness Depot19/04/1965Roy Hennefer
D2423Inverness Depot14/06/1965Bob Stone
D2423Inverness Depot21/06/1965Bob Stone
D2423Inverness Depot07/08/1965Roy Hennefer
D2423Inverness Depot12/04/1966Roy Hennefer
D2423Inverness Depot19/07/1966Ian Lander
D2423Inverness Depot30/08/1966Robert Warburton
D2423Inverness Depot28/05/1967Roy Hennefer
D2423Inverness Depot23/07/1967Trevor Davis
D2423Inverness11/09/1967roy dean
D2423Inverness01/06/1968Colour-Rail archive
D2423Inverness Depot29/07/1968Robert Warburton
D2423Inverness27/08/1968Robert Warburton
D2423Inverness Depot15/07/1969RCTS Photo Archive HU00944
D2423Inverness Depot11/08/1969Dave Mant
D2423Inverness yard21/08/1969stuart ottaway
D2423Inverness Depot27/03/1970Railway Locomotives 1970 Page 43
D2423Inverness Depot28/03/1970Howard Bolton
D2423Inverness Depot30/03/1970RO 1970 page 211
D2423Inverness Depot30/03/1970RCTS Photo Archive CH03678
D2423Inverness Depot23/05/1970RO 1970 page 280
D2423Inverness25/05/1970Colour-Rail archive
D2423Inverness Depot00/07/1970Mike Martin
D2423Inverness Depot22/07/1970Robert Warburton
D2423Inverness Depot30/07/1970Brian Swinn
D2423Inverness Depot12/08/1970Howard Bolton
D2423Inverness Depot19/08/1970Railway Locomotives 1970 Page 82
D2423Inverness Depot01/03/1971Mike Martin
D2423Inverness Depot11/04/1971Howard Bolton
D2423Inverness Harbour (Closure)24/05/1971RO 1971 page 397
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot08/06/1971Keith Gunner
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot06/08/1971Keith Hacker
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot16/08/1971Rob Aston
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot06/09/1971Bob Stone
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot01/04/1972Howard Bolton
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot27/05/1972Stewart Hookins
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot10/07/1972Bob Stone
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot05/09/1972Colour-Rail archive
D2423St. Rollox Works, Glasgow03/02/1973Charles Taylor
D2423St. Rollox Works, Glasgow10/02/1973RO 1973 page 134
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot21/04/1973Nigel Sporne
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot21/04/1973Tom Bartlett
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot11/05/1973Trevor Roots
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot24/07/1973Paul Carpenter
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot01/08/1973Rob Aston
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot11/08/1973Alastair
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot21/03/1974A Pictorial Record of the Diesel Shunters
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot13/04/1974Nigel Sporne
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot14/04/1974paul carpenter (slide with d3677)
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot16/04/1974R Binns
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot23/04/1974RO 1974 page 221
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot25/05/1974Stewart Hookins
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot29/07/1974David Morris
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot23/09/1974Guy Tritton
D2423Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot26/09/1974Alastair
06006Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot22/02/1975RO 1975 page 158
06006Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot29/03/1975Nigel Sporne
06006Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot30/03/1975J Crosse
06006Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot03/09/1975Tom Bartlett
06006Aberdeen Feryhill Depot05/09/1975Tom Bartlett
06006Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot12/10/1975Dave Hunt
06006Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot16/04/1976Alan Donaldson
06006Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot28/08/1976Peter Hall
06006Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot19/02/1977RO 1977 Page 138
06006Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot08/04/1977RO 1977 page 208
06006Dundee Depot28/05/1977Alan Turton
06006Dundee Depot06/06/1977The Midlander 4 p.40
06006Dundee Depot23/06/1977Andrew Cameron
06006Dundee Depot30/07/1977Dave Higson
06006Dundee Depot04/08/1977Robert Warburton
06006Dundee Depot19/08/1977Peter Hall
06006Dundee Depot17/09/1977RCTS Photo Archive CH03347
06006Dundee Depot01/06/1978RO 1978 Page 306
06006Dundee01/08/1978Brian Cuttell
06006Dundee Depot23/08/1978Paul Green
06006Dundee Depot10/09/1978Carey Vessey
06006Dundee Depot16/09/1978R Binns
06006Kirkcaldy14/04/1979RO 1979 Page 238
06006Markinch14/04/1979Traction p.32 05/08
06006Markinch19/05/1979Andrew Cameron
06006Dundee Harbour18/07/1979Bill & Lindsay Atkinson
06006Dundee Depot23/07/1979Brian Cuttell
06006Dundee Depot24/07/1979Paul Green
06006Dundee Harbour04/08/1979Jim Ramsay
06006Dundee Harbour21/08/1979A Pictorial Record of the Diesel Shunters
06006Dundee Depot10/09/1979John Redgate
06006Dundee Depot27/10/1979Brian Daniels
06006Dundee Depot22/03/1980Oscar Calder
06006Dundee Depot05/04/1980Peter Hall
06006Dundee Depot10/05/1980Alan Donaldson
06006Dundee Depot29/06/1980Chris Firth
06006Dundee Depot26/09/1980Brian Daniels
06006Dundee Depot27/03/1981Les Allen
06006Dundee Depot02/05/1981John Lodge
06006Dundee Depot20/05/1981Alan Turton
06006Dundee Depot (Stored)27/06/1981Bob Wallen
06006Dundee Depot20/07/1981Martyn Hilbert
06006Dundee Depot22/08/1981Ian Ward
06006Dundee Depot17/09/1981John Redgate
06006Dundee Depot12/12/1981Andrew Cameron
06006Dundee27/03/1982Alex Mowbray
06006Dundee Depot14/04/1982John Turner
06006Dundee Depot05/06/1982Robert Mullins
06006Dundee Depot05/08/1982david penna
06006Dundee depot10/09/1982Nick Leverton
06006Dundee Depot18/09/1982Rail Jan 83 pag 45
06006Dundee depot05/01/1983Nick Leverton
06006Dundee Depot04/02/1983Rail May 83 Page 18
06006Dundee Depot (Photo)14/07/1983Rail Nov 83 Page 43
06006Dundee Depot17/07/1983Rail Nov 83 page 43
06006Dundee Depot (chassis only)25/07/1983Rail Nov 83 page 43
06006Dundee Depot (scrapping completed)26/07/1983Rail Oct 83 Page 43

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