D2435 is pictured in front of D2556 (with rods removed) at Haymarket Depot, Edinburgh on 10th March 1968   Peter Martin
   D2435 shares Leith Central depot, the former Leith Central station with a Class 08 and Metro-Cammell DMUs in 1971   Bill Roberton
First allocated to Ayr in April 1960. Transferred to Grangemouth in January 1968. Transferred to Edinburgh Haymarket in February 1968. Transferred to Leith Central in July 1968 from where it was withdrawn in November 1971.

Sightings for D2435

LocoLocationDateSeen by
D2435Cowlairs Works, Glasgow20/04/1960RO 1960 page 195
D2435Ayr Depot28/10/1962Dave Hird
D2435Ayr Depot14/04/1963Robin Lush
D2435Ayr Depot02/06/1963Brian Swinn
D2435Ayr Depot04/06/1963Bob Stone
D2435Ayr Depot 22/07/1963Charles Taylor
D2435Ayr22/08/1963Robert Warburton
D2435Ayr Depot16/05/1964Roy Hennefer
D2435Ayr Depot17/05/1964David Hunt
D2435Ayr Depot28/07/1964Ian Lander
D2435Ayr Depot02/08/1964Roy Hennefer
D2435Ayr Depot09/08/1964Charles Taylor
D2435Cowlairs Works, Glasgow24/04/1966Howard Bolton
D2435Cowlairs Works04/05/1966RO 1966 Page 231
D2435Eastfield Depot25/06/1966Alan Ledwick
D2435Ayr Depot08/07/1966T.F.Davis
D2435Ayr Depot16/07/1966Brian Swinn
D2435Ayr Depot21/07/1966Ian Lander
D2435Ayr Depot27/08/1966stuart ottaway
D2435Ayr Depot27/08/1966Peter Martin
D2435Ayr Depot09/09/1967Roy Dean
D2435Haymarket Depot10/03/1968Peter Martin
D2435Haymarket Depot05/05/1968Andrew Dodgson
D2435Haymarket Depot25/05/1968Alan Turton
D2435Gorgie, Edinburgh18/06/1968Dennis Graham
D2435Leith Central Depot29/08/1968Robert Warburton
D2435South Leith Yard27/03/1970Howard Bolton
D2435South Leith Yard29/03/1970Railway Locomotives 1970 Page 43
D2435South Leith Yard30/03/1970p.209 6/70 RO
D2435Leith Central Depot24/05/1970Trevor Davis
D2435Leith Docks03/10/1970RO 1970 page 418
D2435Leith Central Depot10/04/1971Howard Bolton
D2435Leith Central Depot12/04/1971Alan Turton
D2435Leith Central Depot09/06/1971Keith Gunner
D2435Leith Central Depot24/07/1971Robert Warburton
D2435Leith Central Depot03/09/1971Bob Stone
D2435Leith Central Depot01/04/1972Howard Bolton
D2435Leith Central Depot23/04/1972John Woolley
D2435Millerhill Depot09/07/1972Bob Stone
D2435Millerhill Yard23/07/1972Keith Gunner
D2435Millerhill yard09/09/1972Robert Warburton
D2435Millerhill Depot28/01/1973Mike Martin
D2435Millerhill Depot00/02/1973Trevor Roots
D2435Millerhill Depot11/05/1973Trevor Roots
D2435Dunfermline Townhill Depot, Halbeath13/04/1974Nigel Sporne

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