Arrived at the Railway Technical Centre (RTC), Derby in the Spring of 1972 as a replacement for D8512. Although based at the RTC it does appear to have spent a considerable amount of time on the southern half of the West Coast Main Line. Like D8512 it was regularly to be found at Wilmslow, where it is understood the RTC had an outstation, in the company of Test Coach "Hermes"(RDB975081) and also at Willesden, Crewe Electric and Longsight Depots. It would also appear to have also been used regularly with Test Coach "Mentor" (ADB975091) and Test Coach "Mercury" (RDB975280). Use elsewhere appears to have been extremely limited although in August 1972 it visited Swindon Works to collect an overhauled "Hermes". The RO (p.135 4/73) also records that on 13th February 1973 it was was worked north from Kingmoor to Slochd summit along with "Hermes" to enable A.P.T. transponders to be tested under snow conditions. The report does not make it clear whether this move was made under its own power or not. Subsequent to this it appears to have spent a prolonged period in Derby Works from where it was not relaesed until late 1974. It appears to have been taken out of use at the RTC during 1978 and left that Autumn for Glasgow Works where it was scrapped.

   8598 is pictured at Wilmslow were the Derby boffins had an outstation on 14th July 1975 coupled to Test Coach 'Hermes'. 8598 and 8512 before it were regularly seen at this location.   Richard Clayton
   8598 is pictured stabled at Longsight depot on 6th November 1976   Hugh Searle

   8598 is pictured at the Railway Technical Centre Derby on 14th July 1976. Richard Clayton   Richard Clayton
   8598 is pictured in the sidings of Derby RTC on 7th May 1978   John Simmonds

Please submit any sightings you may have made of D8598 from 1972 until 1978. Those of it at locations on the West Coast Main Line will be of particularly help in better understanding how much of its time was spent there. Observations made elsewhere might reveal that it saw use away from the overhead electrified lines of the London Midland Region. .

Sightings for D8598

LocoLocationDateSeen by
D8598Polmadie Depot03/01/1972p.113 3/72 RO
D8598Derby RTC31/03/1972p.212 6/72 RO
D8598Longsight Depot (+ D8512) 00/04/1972Mark Bartlet
D8598Wilmslow (+ 'Hermes'stabled)00/05/1972Traction Annual 2009/10 p.38
D8598Longsight Depot (+D8512)03/06/1972p.443 8/72 RM
D8598Longsight Depot (+D8512)05/07/1972p.320 9/72 RO
D8598Derby RTC09/08/1972Paul Green
D8598Swindon Works (collecting "Hermes")16/08/1972p.14 01/73 RO
D8598Longsight Depot21/08/1972runtheredline
D8598Longsight Depot22/08/1972David Ball
D8598Longsight Depot 10/09/1972Trevor Roots
D8598Willesden Depot29/09/1972p.438 12/72 RO
D8598Willesden Depot01/10/1972Guy Tritton
D8598Willesden Depot04/10/1972p.438 12/72 RO
D8598Crewe (+test coach)30/10/1972p.105 2/73 RM
D8598Derby Works18/03/1973Tom Bartlett
D8598Derby Works (Klondyke sidings)15/04/1973p.192 6/73 RO
D8598Derby RTC20/05/1973Paul Green
D8598Derby Works (Klondyke sidings)10/06/1973p.272 8/73 RO
D8598Derby Works (Klondyke sidings)05/08/1973p.341 10/73 RO
D8598Derby Works25/08/1973Paul Green
D8598Derby Works25/08/1973Phil Dawkins
D8598Derby Works (Klondyke sidings)11/11/1973p.10 1/74 RO
D8598Derby Works (Erecting shop)24/02/1974Rail Online
D8598Derby Works (Erecting shop)10/03/1974p.157 5/74 RO
D8598Derby Works (Works yard)21/04/1974p.201 6/74 RO
D8598Derby Works (Test house)12/05/1974p.238 7/74 RO
D8598Derby Works (Test house yard)23/06/1974p.273 8/74 RO
D8598Derby Works30/06/1974Guy Tritton
D8598Derby Works (Erecting shop)04/08/1974Peter Hall
D8598Derby Works (Erecting shop)04/08/1974Roy Hennefer
D8598Derby Works31/08/1974Peter Hall
D8598Derby Works31/08/1974Paul Green
D8598Derby Works22/09/1974Tom Bartlett
D8598Derby Works (Test house area)20/10/1974p.420 12/74 RO
D8598Longsight Depot14/11/1974Peter Hall
D8598Longsight Depot (+'Hermes')17/11/1974p.13 1/75 RO
D8598Longsight Depot02/02/1975Peter Hall
D8598passing Longsight (+'Hermes')14/02/1975Richard Clayton
D8598Derby RTC29/03/1975Bob Stone
D8598Longsight Depot26/04/1975Mike Martin
D8598Wilmslow (+'Hermes')14/07/1975Ed Mann, Richard Clayton
D8598Wilmslow16/07/1975Richard Clayton
D8598Wilmslow (+test coach)23/07/1975Richard Boyd
D8598Wilmslow (+test coach)30/07/1975p.318 10/75 RO
D8598Longsight Depot11/08/1975Paul Green
D8598Derby RTC16/06/1976Peter Hall
D8598Derby RTC21/06/1976Gerry Desmond
D8598Derby RTC28/06/1976Gerry Desmond
D8598Derby RTC14/07/1976Richard Clayton
D8598Derby RTC15/07/1976Gerry Desmond
D8598Derby RTC26/07/1976Gerry Desmond
D8598Derby RTC09/08/1976Paul Green
D8598Derby RTC13/08/1976Paul Green
D8598Derby RTC04/09/1976Gerry Desmond
D8598Derby RTC04/09/1976Paul Green
D8598Derby RTC10/10/1976Stewart Hookins
D8598Longsight Depot (+'Hermes')06/11/1976Hugh Searle
D8598Derby RTC27/11/1976Peter Hall
D8598Derby RTC00/05/1977I M Pugh
D8598Derby RTC24/06/1977Bob Stone
D8598Derby RTC26/06/1977Bob Stone
D8598Derby RTC09/07/1977Bob Stone
D8598Derby RTC16/07/1977Bob Stone
D8598Derby RTC10/08/1977A Ledwick
D8598Derby RTC13/08/1977Peter Hall
D8598Derby RTC10/09/1977Peter Hall
D8598Derby Works24/09/1977Paul Green
D8598Derby RTC30/12/1977Paul Green
D8598Derby RTC18/02/1978Paul Green
D8598Derby RTC05/03/1978Paul Green
D8598Derby RTC01/04/1978Paul Green
D8598Derby RTC18/04/1978A Ledwick
D8598Derby RTC07/05/1978John Simmonds
D8598Derby RTC20/05/1978Paul Green
D8598Derby RTC17/07/1978A Ledwick
D8598Derby RTC05/08/1978Paul Green
D8598Derby RTC09/08/1978A Ledwick
D8598Derby RTC12/08/1978Paul Green
D8598Derby RTC18/08/1978Roger Beattie
D8598Derby RTC22/09/1978Paul Green
D8598Chesterfield, with S18521, hauled by 4602707/10/1978Ed Mann
D8598Rotherham (+S18521)09/10/1978Trans Penine 23 (10/78)
D8598Glasgow Works16/12/1978David Wilson

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