ADB966508 (ex D3035)

   ADB966508 along with ADB966507 at Lincoln East Holmes in May1975. At this time both retained the 'A' prefix to their number.   Dave Glossop
   Folowing the departure of ADB966507 to March in early 1976, ADB966508 was left on its own at Lincoln East Holmes as seen in this photograph taken on 28th March 1976. By this time the 'A' prefix had been removed.   Dave Glossop
Converted at Doncaster Depot in 1973/1974. It was initially located at Doncaster Depot but after a short time moved to Lincoln. Sightings of this at Lincoln are particularly sought in order to establish exactly where at Lincoln this was berthed during its period there. In early 1976 it along with ADB966507 lost its 'A' prefix. However, by early 1977 it had gained a 'T' prefix. Scrapped at Doncaster Works in 1979.

   This 1977 picture shows ADB966508 now carrying the 'T' prefix at Lincoln East Holmes.   Dave Glossop
   When this picture was taken on 25th March 1979 any intentions of using TDB966508 as a snowplough were no more. It had ny then had its plough blade removed.   Dave Glossop

Sightings for ADB966508

LocoLocationDateSeen by
ADB966508Doncaster Depot25/11/1973Paul Green
ADB966508Doncaster Depot05/01/1974p.122 3/74 RO
ADB966508Lincoln Depot (+ADB966507)14/07/1974p.339 10/74 RO
ADB966508Lincoln East Holmes (+ADB966507)17/11/1974Nigel Sporne
ADB966508Lincoln East Holmes (+ADB966507)20/12/1974A Yates
ADB966508Lincoln East Holmes (+ADB966507)12/10/1975Dave Glossop
ADB966508Lincoln East Holmes (+ADB966507) 19/01/1976Mike Martin
ADB966508Lincoln East Holmes28/03/1976Dave Glossop
ADB966508Lincoln East Holmes18/07/1976Kevin Watson
ADB966508Lincoln East Holmes05/02/1977Peter Hall
ADB966508Lincoln East Holmes29/05/1977Peter Hall
ADB966508Lincoln East Holmes Yard04/11/1977Paul Green
ADB966508Lincoln East Holmes Yard08/04/1978Paul Green
ADB966508Lincoln East Holmes Yard16/07/1978Steve Webster
ADB966508Lincoln East Holmes Yard07/09/1978Paul Green
ADB966508Lincoln East Holmes Yard25/10/1978Paul Green
ADB966508Lincoln East Holmes19/03/1979Peter Fogarty
ADB966508Lincoln East Holmes25/03/1979Dave Glossop

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