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Ex BR Class 03s, Class 06 and Class 07 exported to Trieste, Italy

   Still surving in Italy in September 2015 was this Class 03, its BR identity is though not known. It is located at the entrance to to the yard of Ferramento Pugliesse, Terlizzi, Bari, Italy.   Peter Wreford
During 1976 Shipbreaking (Queenborough), Queenborough, Isle of Sheppey acquired 03010, 03098, 03153 and 03156. They are reported (p.226 7/76 RO) as having been hauled as 9Z10 00:40 Tyne to Stranraer special freight on 18th May 1976 for, it is understood, shipment to Italy. Curiously no observations or other evidence has so far been found confirming Stranraer, a ferry and fishing port, was actually port of embarkation.

Port of disembarkation in Italy is reported as Trieste. None of these ever reached Queenborough.

The following year Shipbreaking (Queenborough) exported 03157, 03164, D2432 and 07009 from their yard at Queenborough to Trieste, Italy.

It is known that the latter four were initially stored at a disused factory in Trieste after arrival. Published information though suggests that all eight went to the Lucchini Group steelworks at Servola, Trieste, Italy but no observations or photographs have yet emerged confirming this.

In fact, research so far has only come up with subsequent confirmed sightings / photographs of three of the eight.

Recent research by David Gregory casts doubt on the Servola reference. David says that a list of all Lombarde Falck holdings show no evidence of any link to the Servola steelworks which was actually part of the ILVA company - known simply as 'Italsider' at the time of the locomotives' export to Trieste. Servola has since changed hands and names several times! In fact, any documentation that suggests that Ex BR locomotives were exported for use by Lucchini at Servola is an anachronism - Lucchini group did not have any holding/interest at Servola until 1995.

It is though reported that the Servola Steel Works received several locomotives from Germany in the late 1980's and early 1990's to replace the Ex-BR locomotives. However, nothing has emerged to confirm Ex-BR locomotives were ever there. Exactly what then happenned to the Ex-BR locomotives, if indeed they were ever there, is far from clear. It is reported 03010, 03153, 03156 and D2432 were scrapped, 03098 moved to a steelworks at Montello, 03157 and 03164 were rebuilt by IPE, Verona and then used at Chiari steelworks and scrapped in May 1997, whilst 07009 passed to Attilio Rossi, Rome. Whilst the subsequent story of 03157 and 03164 is confirmed by pictures and observations the fact that what is believed to be 03156 survives suggests this might not have been what really happened.

In an attempt to establish as clear a picture as is possible about the Italian history of these locomotives, anyone with information is invited to get in contact. In particular sightings of the locomotives in Italy, giving details of date and location are very welcome. These can be submitted by email or inputted for the appropriate locomotive by clicking on the individual locomotive number below where further detailsof what is known about each locomotive. When entering the date please use dd/mm/yyyy. Your observation will then appear in the listing over the following few days. Photographs of these locomotives in Italy are also very much welcomed.

Briefly, what is known about each of the eight locomotives can be found by clicking on the individual locomotive number below. It should be noted that in some cases this contradicts what may have been published elsewhere. Thus the need to compile as much information as is possible about these locomotives.

Details of all the Ex BR locomotives exported to Italy can be found here.

D2010 - 03010

D2098 - 03098

D2153 - 03153

D2156 - 03156

D2157 - 03157

D2164 - 03164


D2993 - 07009

Photographs and other information will be welcomed by Peter Hall

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