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Friday was Amsterdam tram day so making our way via Utrecht, Ede Wageningen and Amersfoort (that route to try and find the missing Connexxion units which work from Ede Wageningen to Amersfoort), the tram men headed on to the capital to spend the day on the tram system. Rich held back at Amersfoort under the cover of the station roof to stay out of the sun. Briefly venturing out to see what was round the back of the old works, he didn't find the road down to the Connexxion depot where some of the old Syntus units were parked - only spotted that once he was on the move to Amsterdam. Remaining on Amsterdam Centraal station more IRM unit formations were observed. Did well in the end with these, between us we only left 3 units never previously seen, and sorted out the (re)formations of several of the older members of the class.

Dinner this evening was taken again in the First Class Lounge on the station where service is overseen by an 11 year old White Cockatoo called Elvis. He often sits absolutely stock still on his perch, giving the impression he is "an ex-parrot, he has ceased to exist... ". Not a bit of it! With a squawk he will step down from his perch, wander along the bar to the end and back, surveying the gathered clients and, usually unsuccessfully, attempts to acquire a drink from the bar, before climbing onto his perch again.

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Rotterdam Centraal
186-021 Rotterdam Centraal 10Jun16 Steve Ollive
  Bombardier TRAXX type MS2e multi-voltage locomotive 186-021 is owned by NS and is the first of the 2016 built batch to enter service, seen arriving at Rotterdam Centraal with a High Speed Service from Amsterdam Centraal. Photograph taken on Friday 10th June.Steve Ollive

5033 Ede-Wageninge 10Jun16 Steve Ollive
  A unique class of EMU built by Protos is operated by Connexxion. Set 5033 is seen at Ede-Wageningen waiting to work the 09:25 service to Amersfoort. Photograph taken on Friday 10th June.Steve Ollive

Amsterdam Centraal
Elvis Amsterdam Centraal 10Jun16 Steve Ollive
  Pride of place in the 1st Class Restaurant on platform 2 at Amsterdam Centraal is Elvis an 11 year old Cockatoo. As we found out during dinner, Elvis definitely rules the roost! Photograph taken on Friday 10th June.Steve Ollive

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