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Maastricht was our destination for Wednesday. Heading towards Venlo, thence to Roermond, we arrived in Maastricht mid-morning to see what of the new Cl.22 and Cl.25 Stadler units, which are being commissioned here, were about. We found half a dozen of them around the station and works area. Making our way then via Heerlen, Venlo and Nijmegen to Utrecht we embarked on an evening rush period train watch. This is normally very challenging at Utrecht because of the number of platforms at which trains can arrive at and depart from, in just about any direction, but the rebuilding works have restricted access to some platforms meaning the task was, perhaps, a little easier. Working the IRM units off the eminently more readable EVN numbers also helped a great deal (not forgetting the earlier caution that some numbers are not entirely accurate - we found one 4 car IRM unit which had the same EVN number on both driving cars, for example!). Exhausted from much writing we ventured out of the other side of the station to look for somewhere to eat, and found a steak bar only a couple of hundred metres away. Superb steaks washed down with excellent beer (wrong spelling - bier - it's continental stuff, but very drinkable all the same especially on a hot day!).

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