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Re: Dead or Dying Already?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:22 pm
by MisterC
dcd wrote:Peter
If you are at the AGM I'll try and find you and explain what I know about email, it is not easy to put on here and make sense to all.

That's a shame! A written explanation that made sense to all would be very useful, at least to me.

Re: Dead or Dying Already?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 12:24 pm
by Peter Hall
dcd wrote:Peter
If you are at the AGM I'll try and find you and explain what I know about email, it is not easy to put on here and make sense to all.

Should now be at the AGM and would hope to do as in the last two years and be set up with a little table with examples of the bits I do on the website. Hopefully someone with a laptop will be able to assist so live demonstrations can be given to those interested during the breaks. Please do seek me out, help and advice would be very much welcomed.

Sourcing Computers and Discs

PostPosted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:11 am
by Peter Hall
I seem to be plagued by one problem after another so clearly multiple issues on my computers, associated downloads and of course email accounts.

Since my 2015 problems I have been on the look out for suppliers of basic computers without other than start up operating systems who can also provide operating and software programmes on disc. Any recommendations?

Following problems I still require to set up a new data only computer (no connection to the net). This needs to be brand new machine that does not come with a full operating system installed. Probable I could set it up using my own XP, Office Home and Student 2007 (Word 2007 / Excell 2007) and FoxPro 8 discs which gives me all I need. Fear is though that having subsequently modified word documents on later downloaded 2010 version could be a compatibility problem.

Software wise it does appear the likes of Microsoft do not like you using discs as they loose control over you but they must be available somewhere. If you live in a cave on an isolated island using a windmill to create electricity you need discs to set up a computer so they must be available somewhere.

Re: Dead or Dying Already?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:04 pm
by Ian Prince

You are unfortunately swimming against the tide. You sound as though something like Linux OS has the independence you desire, but its a whole new learning curve and a completely different operating system. One that really is probably a step too far. I understand what you are trying to achieve, but these days, such actions require a significant in depth understanding of IT systems generally inbred into the 20 something generation.

Plus if you want to use proprietary software such as MS Word and Excel, then MS will want to restrict you to their most recent incarnations from which they earn money, rather than legacy versions that are buggy and dated. And MS stuff wont work on Linux as it is a different Operating System.

If you intend to use a legacy system off line and copy stuff over from online machines there will be compatibility issues that will not format the same, or refuse to 'talk' to each other as you want.

I will email you.


Do as we want or not at all!

PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:53 am
by Peter Hall
Quite happy to use a Microsoft operating system and more recent software provided it is available on disc and suits my requirements. Trouble is they don't want you to have it on disc and insist you pay for a whole load of stuff you don't want anyway.

Saw some of the BBC Crimewatch on Monday night and a message that came across was you can only be totally safe from cyber attack and keep your data safe if you don't go online. Fine, so how the !!!! do you achieve that then these days? Surely many individuals and companies wish to have computerised data and documents available to them and them only on computers that have no link to the internet. That's how I want to work. How can I achieve that? Yes, have an on line computer for email and the internet but a completely separate computer for personal data and documents.

Point about compatibility is potential an issue when you operate ancient software but not a great issue for me as traffic tends to be outward rather than inward when it comes to data. i.e, fresh information that updates rather than new files.

Actually BT/EE/Orange/Wannadoo/Freeserve might be doing be a favour by wiping much of me from the internet as by starting again much of what I am finding out can make me better protected from cyber crime.