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GWR Dukes

Post by Ooharr1 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:17 am

Hello, I doubt there are many of us left alive that actually saw a GWR Duke class 4 - 4 - 0. The last two # 9083 'Comet' and #9089 [ 'St. Austell' until the early 1930's ] were withdrawn in December 1950 and July 1951. #9089 being the last of the class. I am a Bristolian and I now live 100 kms. West of Sydney in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia. I started loco-spotting and a life long interest in railways circa 1948 aged 11. One Sunday in what must have been 1950 when I visited 82B St. Phillips Marsh shed #9083 Comet was standing outside the shed with many people admiring her. The shed foreman seemed to have cleared other locos out of sight and photographs were being taken. The foreman had also had the cleaners polish her much worn and old GWR livery to quite a shine. I would suggest that the old loco was most likely on her last journey to Swindon. So in the mists of my 80 year old memories I have positively seen just one GWR Duke. At that age I didn't have a camera and the reason for this topic entry is to ask if anyone or any branch archive has a photograph of the loco taken at St. Phillips Marsh shed on that day in 1950 of #9083 Comet. I like to acquire a copy just for my personal viewing if such a photo exists. I wonder if anyone else has a memory of seeing a GWR Duke. maybe they would also like to recount the memory for us all.
My regards Philip Hicks [ ]

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Re: GWR Dukes

Post by mikegayton » Sat Aug 12, 2017 4:43 pm

From a quick scan, Eric Youlden reports:
The only reference in the RO to the final period of 9083 and 9089 was in the February 1951 edition and is that they were taken from Swindon Stock Shed at the end of 1950 and went Gloucester. 9083 went on to Oswestry, but it is not certain that 9089 did. It was noted that they returned to the stock shed appearing to have been repainted.
They were in turn withdrawn from Swindon Stock Shed.

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