Colne Valley Railway

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Colne Valley Railway

Post by mikegayton » Sun Aug 20, 2017 7:40 pm

Off by car as Castle Headingham is not well connected to the main lines!
Ken had never been before, but Bob had been many times working on the ex ? Swanscombe No 1, which at that time was owned by the Gravesend Railway Society, and he even inveigled me into working on it a few times. However it was fairly quickly established that boiler repairs required were extensive and work ceased in 1982(?) but it has survived in black, as a static exhibit with access for children. A few more fittings would not go amiss though - are there any in the original container which is still on site?
Anyway we had got there after negotiating umpteen roundabouts and preparations for the V Festival, and started with a snack in the parked buffet cars which was followed up by a return visit later for lunch.
Obviously a lot had changed in 35 years, and everyone made the point that big changes are going to be made in the next few years.
On to the train worked by Austerity Hunslet 3790, going a half mile one way, run around, back through the station and a half mile further, running around again and back to the station. We had a second round trip later, as to see much of the rolling stock you have to observe from the train, as there are few good vantage points outside the immediate station area.
Partially dismantled Merchant Navy 35010 is parked in a reasonable viewing position at the station and the tender.with wheels stripped out was in the area designated as a future workshop.
Other visible motive power included;
Teddy Bear 14901, hired in for the summer season
Class 03s D2041, D2084
DMUs 141108, W55033
AC Cars Railbus E79978
HENRY a rare Lake & Elliot 4WD
Both the miniature and model railways were working, and well attended by the many families visiting.
Ken, who knows a bit about such things, was well impressed by the signalling and the electronic interlocking that was being installed on the foot crossing access, with one of the 03s passing at intervals for system testing.
As so often on these visits, everyone we talked to was extremely enthusiastic and informative.
All in all well worth the journey!

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Re: Colne Valley Railway

Post by John239 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:48 am

Not been to this line for many years (60?) so found this rather interesting and informative.
Has anyone produced a history of the line from its inception?

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