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Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:54 pm
by mikegayton
Inveigled two friends make a Thameslink journey today ?as things must surely have improved?. The plan was to start with the 10.28 from Rainham to Luton. At Rainham the platform 0 indicator showed at 10.15 the 9.41 and 10.11 arrivals and 10.28 departure. After the arrival of what turned out to be the 10.11, the 9.41 was deleted and the 9.58 departure had not run. The 10.28 departed at 10.30. There seemed to be no Crossrail literature on display at the station.
Buses were seen in Strood station yard, presumably to fill the gaps at Higham.
The journey to Luton was without problem, except for the most uncomfortable class 700 seating, and we were on time. At least there were working toilets! So far so good. Had a look around Luton.
On return to the station, the 15.18 to Rainham was on the indicator and we proceeded to the platform. 5 minutes before the booked arrival time at 15.01 it was announced that it would going to Cricklewood Depot and the departure was cancelled.
There was no information of subsequent trains, and no advice to intending passengers, so we crossed to the East Midlands up platform and travelled to St Pancras on 222011, and home on the high speed for which we did not have to pay a supplement.
We checked at the St Pancras booking offices, but no one would admit to have any printed information on Crossrail.
An interesting day out which we were glad to have had, but an extremely disappointing railway performance, as so many others are enduring at the moment.