Chinor & Princes Risborough Railway

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Chinor & Princes Risborough Railway

Post by mikegayton » Fri Aug 17, 2018 1:32 pm

On Wednesday 15th August, we met at Paddington to catch the 11.35 to High Wycombe which duly arrived from Ruislip as 165012, early, and departed on time with an uneventful journey. There were six passengers, all enthusiasts. The Pagoda at Denham Golf Club was duly noted ? are there any others on the system? Otherwise there is little sign of anything from the past, except for one entrance at Park Royal to the former trading estate and Freightliner sidings. We were told by Chiltern personnel that there is a possibility that the service, which is currently to finish at the 20th December time table change, could be replaced by one to West Ealing.
At High Wycombe we went out to look at remains of the original GWR Station and loco shed. Unfortunately they generally appear unkempt, even worse than 5 years ago, except for one external wall having gained a good mural of how the station could have been when in use, with a broad gauge train. Accompanying information weighs heavily on the involvement of Brunel!
Then on to Princes Risborough, where we were surprised by the amount of trains passing through.
We crossed to the new C&PRR platform, and the first train was the returning VIP Special, which after the passengers emerged quickly carried on to the sidings.
We had been warned by e-mail that there was a change in the arrangements, but had not realised that the status of our train, the 15.00 departure, was that it was now the very first ?proper? train to leave, carrying joining paying passengers.
The problem causing the changes was that the platform-side track still belongs to Network Rail and is used to accommodate rolling stock and the C&PRR had received a notice of use on this day.
The train, including a refreshment car duly arrived topped by D8059 and tailed by GWR small prairie 5526. On departure with 5526 leading we had not travelled for long before we stopped at the gate which was the entry to the C&PRR, and after a few minutes we continued along the tree lined route having a cup of coffee from the trolley service.
Chinnor Station is a complete rebuild (the original was demolished) in original period style, a very good job.
The shop had a good selection of The Watlington Flyer issues and guides. Unfortunately we did not have time to get far from the station, and did not see any rolling stock, but many were making a visit to the signal box.
There were many from the railway both at the station and on train, completely enthusiastic full of their plans for the future, and able to give all the information we needed.
Back on the train to Princes Risborough behind D5089, with both locos working, we had another stop at the gates. We noted a long length of adjacent track, but looking at the railhead, of zero use.
The C&PRR platform at Princes Risborough is as yet devoid of any structures but the railway definitely deserves a visit now that you can get there by train.

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Re: Chinor & Princes Risborough Railway

Post by pdeaves » Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:29 pm

mikegayton wrote:We were told by Chiltern personnel that there is a possibility that the service, which is currently to finish at the 20th December time table change, could be replaced by one to West Ealing.
The 'Wycombe' line, leaving the Great Western main line just after Old Oak Common depots, will be severed for HS2 works. As yet it is still 'up in the air' as to whether it will be reconnected, but either way it will be six or more years of construction before reconnection is even possible. Chiltern Railways therefore has to find an alternative route for its 'parly' train, and running via the Greenford branch makes sense. However, the relief lines are so full there that it is not possible to get a clear path all the way into Paddington and back! Running to West Ealing will also cause cancellation of one GWR round trip on the branch.

I have not seen any 'withdrawal of passenger service' notices or anything similar [1] for cutting the Wycombe line, and from everything I have seen keeps being pushed into either the 'too difficult' heap or the 'don't really know what to do so will do something else instead' heap.

[1] That is, the consultation, absence of which kept that strange taxi service to Kensington Olympia for many years until the formalities caught up

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Re: Chinor & Princes Risborough Railway

Post by mikegayton » Mon Aug 20, 2018 8:13 pm

Good to have your info on possible outcomes
Has this service run from the week after the western route to Birmingham closed?

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Re: Chinor & Princes Risborough Railway

Post by Dampflok » Sat Oct 13, 2018 6:22 pm

Further to the original poster's description of the opening day of the Chinnor Railway's new platform at Princes Risborough, I was invited along to take some photos on the day (I live nearby in Haddenham) and if anyone is interested to see some pictures they can be seen on my site at: ... 4-Opening/

This takes you to the first of the thumbnails page with a larger image to the right of the screen - click on that to see it individually and you can then click the left or right arrows to move to the next/previous image. The site is best viewed in full screen mode. All photos are fully captioned - move the cursor towards the bottom of the screen to see the captions as a "pop-up", move it away to lose the caption again.

Many thanks,


Geoff Plumb
Please visit my photo gallery at:

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