Secondhand Books

If a publication is listed here but does not appear in the current Catalogue list it must be considered no longer available and out of print. To purchase any of these publications there are several possible sources:

  • The RCTS Library often has out of print used copies. These often come as bequests to the Society from deceased member‘s or from deceased member‘s relatives who ask the Society to dispose of their late member‘s railway collection. Also sometimes we are contacted by solicitors where there are no known relatives. An email enquiry to the Society Librarian may bring the required result.
  • A visit to a branch near you who sell secondhand books at their monthly meetings or a visit to a local or national model railway exhibition where a branch has a sales stand may turn up the required publication. Branch contact details can be found on the Branches pages.
  • If the above sources do not produce the required publication then a search of the current railway press will reveal many well known secondhand railway book dealers nationwide any of whom may be able to help. Many dealers offer an on-line service through abebooks.
  • Last updated: 20th March 2019