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Library Collections

WTT Catalogues

The Custodians hold digital and printed copies of the catalogues.
There are, for each former region of BR, all the post 1990 organisations and the pre-nationalisation companies, two versions of the catalogues.

A simplified version (spread-sheet format) which identifies the timetables held by start and end date and section letter/number only.

A full version (data base format) which describes the areas covered, start and end dates and other information on each WTT and supplement held in the collection.

Copies of pages of the catalogues are available by the following methods:

a) Photocopies of the simple version or selected parts of the main catalogue as photocopies at the rates previously quoted.
b) The digital files of all the catalogues (Excel spread sheet and *.DBF database) are available for downloading from the files area.

c) Individual digital files can be made available on CD-ROM or floppy disc, if blank ones are supplied to the Society Librarian (address below), with return postage and indicating the file format required.


  • The purpose of the collection is to provide a loans and research facility of non- current working and public timetables and related documents for railways for the members.
  • Items may not be borrowed by or for non-members, except where exchange loan schemes have been agreed with other organisations.
  • All users will receive a copy of these rules and will thereby imply acceptance of these conditions.
  • Normally only four WTTs may be borrowed at a time, but solely at the Custodians' discretion, to minimise postal/travel costs, extra timetables may be loaned to regular borrowers.
  • Normally timetables should be returned within nine weeks of the date of loan. This period may be reduced, if an item is in great demand. Items may be renewed by email or by written request enclosing an SAE to the relavent Custodian. Late returns may be charged at the rate of 50p. per item per week. Persistent late returns may result in further loans being with-held.
  • Borrowers are responsible for the safe keeping of items from the time of despatch by the Custodian to the time when they are received back by him. Safe receipt should be acknowledged to the custodian either by email or letter. Borrowers will be required to replace any lost or damaged item, including postal losses.
    Loaned items must be returned securely packed, similar to the packaging in which they were despatched to borrowers. Borrowers should obtain a certificate of posting when returning items so that if loans are damaged or lost in transit a claim can be made to Royal Mail.
  • For everyone's convenience a postal deposit scheme is operated. Borrowers are required to deposit an initial sum of £10.00 to cover postal charges, which will be deducted as they are incurred. Borrowers should ensure that the account remains in credit. Any balance in the account will, when requested, be refunded. Payments for postage and other costs should be made payable to the appropriate Custodian not to the RCTS.
  • Requests for loans should where possible give the Region; range of years; time of year; service type: freight - mandatory or conditional, passenger; route; but preferably section and division if known. Include several alternatives where possible to avoid extra correspondence when the single item requested is already on loan or not held in the collection

How to download Library digital catalogues:

You need to be a subscriber (no charge) to the private RCTSLibrary E-mail group at Send an e-mail to, include subscribe in the subject; and your membership number and post code in the body of the E-mail.

You will also need to register with to access the files.

To do this visit: and click <sign in now> link and enter the details requested, although not all are compulsory. Then visit, enter your Yahoo ID and password, then select RCTSLibrary, click on files section on left of screen.

If you have any problems e-mail Terry Silcock

Last updated: 22nd February 2019