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The photo gallery has a good selection of photos for 37890 as a named locomotive and of 60001
during commissioning trials and after it was given EWS livery. However there are currently no
photos of 37890 as D6868 or 6868, only one of it as 37168, only one of 60001 Steadfast in
service in two-tone grey livery and two of 925/30925 Cheltenham in regular service.
Overhauled 60001 has emerged from the class 60 refurbishment programme and returned to service in
DB Schenker red livery. Photos of 925 Cheltenham when it visits other preserved lines will be welcome;
I’ve seen an excellent photo of 925 on the Severn Valley Railway in September 2013 but was unable to
contact the photographer.

Further photos to fill gaps and expand coverage will be welcome. Digital images,
accompanied by an appropriate caption should be sent to Andrew Lait.
Negatives, slides or, if neither is available, prints should be sent to David Kelso
(contact information is in RO and in the Society Officers Directory). If negatives,
slides or prints are to be returned they should be accompanied by an SAE with sufficient
postage attached. If you send photos to David Kelso, please also advise me and include a photo caption.

While selecting photos for this gallery, I checked through older copies of RO and have so
far identified the following photos which are candidates for adding to the gallery. If any of
the named photographers can provide these photos to David Kelso or myself, this will be very
welcome. In due course I plan to check further back through RO.

RO March 1996, p.132. 37890 The Railway Observer at Millbrook with the 12.38 Eastleigh-Fawley
empty tanks on 8th December 1995. Rodney Lissenden. Can the location be confirmed from the station
name; it’s not clear enough in the photo in RO?

RO August 1997, p.349. 37890 The Railway Observer brings the 13.15 stone train ex-Merehead
into Minehead on 30th April 1997. Geoff Bannister.

RO December 1997, p.491. In warm evening sunshine 37890 The Railway Observer passes Winwick
with the Castleton-Toton rail train on 7th July 1997. Paul Senior.

RO February 1998, p.65. 37890 The Railway Observer is observed at another location. This
time it is seen at Barton and Broughton down loop with Bridgwater-Sellafield flasks on 11th July
1997. Martin Willacy.

RO September 1998, p.394. 37890 The Railway Observer at Horbury Junction with 6E52 the 07.06
Holyhead to Humber oil refinery service on 18th September 1997. Pauline McKenna. Identification of
the wagon type would be helpful, a friend thinks they may be for non-liquid chemicals

RO January 2001, p.12. 60001 proceeding southbound at Fence, near Sheffield with empty bogie
box wagons on a Saturday afternoon in May 1999. Philip Reynolds.

RO March 2001, p. 106. 37890 The Railway Observer plus 999503 form a special from Reading to
Dartford on 16th July 1998. Darren Ford. There was also a B&W photo of this in the 1998 Index but
the colour photo is preferred for the photo gallery.

RO July 2001, p. 324. 60001 Steadfast (now named The Railway Observer) passing Redhill
with an up freight of empty Brett stone hopper bogies on 14th May 1996. Michael Mensing.

RO November 2001, p. 493. 60001 The Railway Observer at Melton Ross on 3rd March 20001
with 6E82, the 11.25 Rectory Junction-Lindsey oil refinery. Pauline McKenna.

RO November 2005, front cover. 60001 The Railway Observer passing Healey Mills with 6E06
10.00 Bredbury-Roxby on 4th October 2005. Pauline McKenna.

A member sent me eight medium format slides of un-named 60001 in EWS livery but
I was unable to get these scanned before I retired to Canada.

Andrew Lait

Last updated: 10th March 2019