10th November 2020 · “Railways Before the War – That is the Great War -Part 1”

Presenter: Jeremy Harrison

This was our first attempt at a Virtual meeting our presenter this evening was Jeremy Harrison (Croydon & SL Branch to whom we are very grateful for all his assistance with the technical side of getting us started. Tonight’s presentation was entitled “Railways before the War – That is the Great War, (part 1. All pictures were black & white as you would expect from this era and mainly from the Ken Nunn collection with some others from Jeremy’s own collection. The first image shown was of The Royal Train in 1893 conveying Prince George & his bride Princess Mary from Liverpool Street station to Wolferton for their honeymoon at Sandringham. Onwards after that we toured the country with photographs all taken before 1900.

Moving into the 20th century we started on the GE with a Southend excursion originating at Liverpool Street, this was followed by many photographs across the region of most classes of locomotives, the J14, J15, D14 & D19 classes featured prominently, also included was an

0-4-0 tram engine running to Stratford depot for maintenance. Then moving on to The Tilbury & Southend Railway with a fine selection of shots mainly taken in the Upminster, Barking & Cranham areas, followed by a look at the Corringham Railway, the Millwall Extension Railway, the Mid Suffolk Railway and the Southwold Railway. Progressing on we went to the GN where we started with another Royal Train this time with 1422 Ivatt Atlantic, plus many more pictures from within our local area at Hatfield, Hitchin, along with a few shots of the Famous Stirling Singles in traffic. Before time ran out Jeremy also took us onto the GC & NE railways. I would also like to thank the forty five members and guests who got us off to a great virtual start.