10th September 2019 · “Modern Transport in the 1960’s”

David Percival

Local photographer and historian David Percival got our Autumn meetings for 2019 off to a great start by attracting our good audience, his subject being “Modern Traction In the 1960’s”.

With mixture of colour and black and white photographs, we saw the majority of the early, almost new then, classes of diesel traction from around the country covering all regions of the then BR. The presentation also included some dmu, emu, classes and the remnants of steam.

There was also a good selection of photographs from our local area particularly on the ECML in the Knebworth area, some of which were included especially for our local members. We got the impression that David favoured the Deltics and Class 40s here. David’s pictures were always interesting and very well composed to make them really stand out, many of which have been published over the years in magazines and books. I particularly liked those in which the semaphore signals featured.

Some photographs also had a particular theme to them. David, particularly in the early 1960s, liked to take photographs with new diesels adjacent to the old soon to be retired steam locos.

Many of the pictures would not be possible today due to the now imposed health & safety restrictions. There were very few restrictions then, no yellow lines or steel fences to be seen. Similarly now, many of the panoramic shots would now be covered with trees or buildings making it almost impossible to see the railway. With station barrows to sit on, embankments to clamber on what a good life we used to have.

A thoroughly good evening’s entertainment.