11th April 2019 · “Diverted”

Presenters: Phil Lockwood and Enid Vincent

Phil Lockwood and Enid Vincent were to present another of their “Diverted” series of talks to the members at the April meeting. On this occasion the featured lines encompassed a great deal of all that can be seen within the West Riding territories on a journey from Wakefield to Leeds via Huddersfield, Barnsley and Castleford. The featured motive power concentrated mainly on modern diesel locomotives operating on the widespread freight and passenger duties that were, and are, to be seen in more recent times. Multiple units also played a significant part within the presentation as they operate very widely along the routes that were portrayed. The major focal points within the programme were covered in some detail as the journey meandered along a varied number of routes. Of significance were the lines radiating from Huddersfield westwards along the LNWR to Marsden and in an easterly direction on the Lancashire & Yorkshire metals to Barnsley. Returning towards Wakefield significant photographs were to then depict railway engineering activities inside Bombardier’s Wakefield factory where the Voyagers were assembled and Virgin’s Mark III stock was refurbished. ‘Working onwards easterly over Goose Hull Junction, via Normanton and the lines Castleford localities rich in freight activity were shown before the final destination of Leeds was reached.

This excellent show was brought to a conclusion with photographs of modern day scenes (Deltics/HST’s/91’s) taken at City Station and freight locomotive movements at the nearby localities of Holbeck and Stourton.