12th November 2019 · B17 Spirit of Sandringham – the continuing story of achievement

Presenter: Brian Hall

Brian Hall returned to the branch on 12 November to present “B17 Spirit of Sandringham – the continuing story of achievement”. Starting with a description of the rationale behind the design of the class by Nigel Gresley to cope with weight limitations in East Anglia he described the history of the class until withdrawal. There were early problems with rough riding, poor steaming and cracked frames.

The new construction design will include improvements to remove the early problems and also comply with current requirements of insurance and main line running. The Society has obtained suitable GER and LNER tenders which will require full restoration.

He explained details of the frames and parts manufactured to date by various suppliers around the country to create a static frame at Llangollen works. The next step to complete a rolling chassis involving 18-24 month’s work to be followed by the boiler and firebox. It is anticipated that the new loco will be completed by 2029 at a total cost of £3,000,000.

After the break Brian showed film of the fabrication of the drag box and steel castings followed by a Q & A session from those present.