12th October 2019 · ‘From Whiteball to the River Tamar’

Presenter: David Mitchell

On 12th October David Mitchell presented ‘From Whiteball to the River Tamar’ to the West of England branch. This was a photographic tour along Devon’s main line through the years, with views of all of the stations and most of its prominent features. He showed many of his own photographs, but these were supplemented by images from earlier years that he has collected. Thus the subjects ranged from the broad gauge era through to the present day. Some locations, such as those along the famous sea wall, were well known, but he also showed a good number of views from lesser-known places and from some unusual angles.

In part due to contributions and questions from the floor, we only saw about two-thirds of the presentation before running out of time, so David was invited back to complete the show at a future date.