13th April 2021 · “Railway Photographers”

Presenter: John Hillier

John is a member of the Railway Camera Club and this talk was all about the work of some its members. Most of the photographs shown in the presentation are featured in two volumes of John’s latest publications featuring the work of the club and some of its members.The Railway Camera Club followed on from The Railway Photographic Society which was founded by Maurice Early.The first picture we saw was the earliest known railway photograph taken in 1842 at Linlithgow station according to the NRM.

All the photographs were of such high quality that it would be very difficult to select any one as standing out from another, from the large selection covering Steam, Diesel & Electric traction, in countryside, town or industrial settings they were absolutely superb.

A great deal of effort must have gone into the selecting the right locations, the scenic features, etc. The unpredictable feature obviously was the weather but, in some instances the poor weather was a feature.

The evening featured photographs of no less than thirty members of the Camera Club, with photographs from all four corners of the UK, and a few from overseas. A simply superb evening thoroughly enjoyed by everyone viewing.