15th August 2019 · Evening at Doncaster

In quite reasonable weather a double figure attendance of members and friends journeyed to Doncaster for a late August afternoon/early evening of observation thus bringing the 2018/2019 programme of meetings to a conclusion.

The expected changing scene from earlier years noted that HST’s were seen in diminishing numbers thus leaving the majority of locomotive hauled duties to the Class 91’s. Azumas were well to the forefront and observed on most Leeds/King’s Cross services in addition to the occasional through services to and from Edinburgh. The newly introduced 331 EMU’s were to be seen on the Leeds/Doncaster services together with a soon to be replaced class 322. A further three of the new sets were to be seen parked up on the West Yard. Freight activity was somewhat sparse but nevertheless a couple of 66 hauled Freightliner trains and the regular northbound Plasmoor empties were observed with interest. In addition to the regular local DMU services, all generally running to time, and the occasional light freight engine movements provided further boosts to the variability of the evening’s action.