16th September 2019 · 4 Branch Members – 4 Different Photo Presentations

The first person to present was Murray Lewis, who showed the railways of Ukraine. He went at a time before the troubles of recent years, so was able to photograph even in the current contested area. The railways still remained their Russian legacy, which made for a rather exotic (to English eyes) appearance. He was followed by John Temple, who took as his topic main line steam in the last two years. By concentrating on the Thames Valley, John was able to invoke memories from the audience. The next to show was Phil Darlaston, who followed the main line over the last years showing freight and passenger modern traction. After concentrating on the Thames Valley, Phil reverted to his West Midlands roots by showing trains on the Ironbridge and Horsehay branches. The last presenter was Gordon Adams, who took us to France and the Baie de la Somme system. This system, not far south of Calais, is partly multi-gauge (standard and metre) predominantly operated by steam. He went on one of their gala weekends, with visiting locos from as far away as the Harz Mountains. Many thanks are due to the four presenters, who combined to produce an enjoyable evening’s entertainment.