17th July 2019 · Outdoor Visit

A visit to the lines of Bradford Model Engineers was the destination for this year’s outside evening event where ‘playing with trains’ perfectly described an evening of enjoyment. The two tracks around the local park in Shipley were in full use enabling locomotives of various gauges to be used throughout the evening.

A total of five engines were turned out, three of which were steam powered. A couple of Simplex 0-6-0 tanks occupied the oval circuit alongside a battery electric model of a London Transport electric #8 “Sherlock Holmes”. Star billing for the evening was accorded to a superb 7 1/4″ Hunslet 0-4-0ST quarry engine working in conjunction with a ubiquitous diesel hydraulic 0-6-0 on which members were invited to test their driving skills around the very lengthy woodland circuit. An offer which was taken up by a number of adventurous individuals.

Due to the enthusiasm of the engineers themselves, who provided the grand array of motive power and the accompanying hospitality, this was an outstanding success and will be well remembered by those branch members and friends who were present.