19th August 2021 · Evening of Observation at Doncaster

The on-going reintroduction of branch meetings continued into August when, in quite reasonable weather conditions, a double figure attendance of members and friends journeyed to Doncaster for a well enjoyed late afternoon/early evening of observation. Due to the then never ending Covid restrictions the last such meeting at Doncaster was held two years back, since when a great deal of change has taken place. East Coast main line traffic seems to be now almost totally in the hands of Hitachi 800 Azumas, with the exception of several Leeds services which continue to make use of the greatly diminished numbers of Class 91’s. A further main line variation came by way of a couple of Hull Trains movements employing their latest Hitachi bio-mode 802/3 units. Cross Country Voyagers and Grand Central Adelantes complimented the array of main line ‘express’ action whilst plentiful numbers of Northern and TransPennine DMU’s on East/West duties were well to the fore thereby keeping the interest alive.

Freight activity, for which Doncaster is famed, was a trifle suppressed due mainly to an unexpected shortage of Freightliner traffic. Nevertheless, over half a dozen were to make their presence felt, all chiefly powered by the voluminous Class 66 locomotives of DBS, GBRf and Freightliner operators. As a final and noteworthy point 3 Class 91’s were to be seen in the West Yard presumably awaiting their final journeys to some distant scrap yard.