28 April 2021 · Trans-Pennine Steam and Modern Traction in the 1980s

Presenter: Derek Huntriss

Derek’s presentation consisted of two-parts, the first half covering what was, in the 1980’s “Modern Traction” and the second half covered Mainline Steam in the same period. Many of the images featured a stunning backdrop of the Pennines, whilst others were set in the cities and towns of Northern England. All the images showed the Railway Scene as it was in the 1980s

Derek mentioned early in the presentation that he was first and foremost a photographer, but he has great affinity for railways. His pictures confirmed that as they were all excellent quality: always depicting the train in a relevant setting, which conveyed a real sense of time and place.

The second half of Derek’s presentation was of preserved steam running over the Pennines. In some images, a variety of weather conditions added to the dramatic effect of the images. The locomotives contained in this section ranged from “Lion” (Built 1838) to 46229 “Duchess of Hamilton” and included such delights as 673 “Maude”, GNR 990 “Henry Oakley” and the 1897 Midland Single No.673 as well as samples of the later classes of the Big Four companies.

An excellent presentation by a skilled photographer. This presentation is heartily recommended!