31st August 2021 · “Railways of East Anglia – A Period of Transition”

Presenter: John Day

What a fabulous start back to live meetings following 18 months without a getting together. Our thanks to John Day for travelling from his beloved Ipswich to present “The Railways of East Anglia – A Period of Transition” We travelled extensively throughout the region, John’s knowledge of the system and the people who run it was amazing, I believe everyone in the area must know him. He seems to receive so much insider knowledge about what’s going on or what’s arriving from so many friends, he also showed a couple of shots of a slight run in with Michael Portillo on the platform at Ipswich. That being said his photographs were superb along with a faultless, very clear commentary. We saw just about every class of loco currently working on the railway with just one or two exceptions in the engaging East Anglian scenery. John developed a relationship with the Network Rail managers & staff building the Ipswich Chord link and was able to obtain detailed photographs during its construction.We also saw a more amusing scenario showing just how many time the Ipswich station booking hall has been revamped, as it’s just about to be moved again. John’s schedule for the afternoon was very clear and broken up into various heading eg. loco’s, units, stock moves, RHTT, and Nuclear flask movements etc. To round off the presentation we saw the various configurations of the new Stadler 745 & 755 units along with an explanation of many of the issues surrounding these units to make them reliable enough to get in traffic. A terrific afternoon to welcome members and guests back to our venue.