8th June 2021 · Peter Bland Collection

Presenter: Brian Cross

At our virtual presentation this evening Bryan Cross treated us to a further look into the Peter Bland Collection of photographs. The evening kicked off with the history of diesel loco 15099 a Y11 class at nearby Ware, it would seem that Bryan had found a fascinating history for a majority of the loco’s he was showing. Another interesting loco featured was a 4.6.0 oil burner, the one shown was pictured at Wakefield and was one of five experimental engines. Other photographs were taken at places such as Crewe, Corby, Bedford, and in Scotland Inverness and the Glasgow area. After the break Bryan took us on a comprehensive tour of Ireland, following Peter’s tour route from Dublin, which included a tour of the Guiness Brewery then around the country to Cork, Belfast and what seemed all places in between, producing a varied history of some of the weird and wonderful characteristics to be found in this country. One outstanding point mentioned by Bryan was that,among some of the locomotive engineers who had worked at the Inchicore Works just outside Dublin were Aspinall, Ivatt and Maunsell, all of whom later came and made their name here in England. Bryan had again gone to a great deal of effort to highlight each section of the tour we were about to see so that we knew exactly where we were. A thoroughly delightful and different evening tour.