9th February 2019 · ‘Electrification of the E & G route”,

Presenter: Dr.Ann Glen

Our February meeting saw a very healthy turnout for the presentation “Electrification of the E & G route”, by Dr Ann Glen.

EGIP [Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme] history was outlined, it being a desire of Transport Scotland for a number of years to electrify the E & G via Falkirk High and associated possible diversionary routes, that contribute to the Edinburgh-Glasgow route system.

Unforeseen problems with faulty bridge piers at Larbert contributed to the increased total project cost. Winchburgh Tunnel has had drainage improvements to reduce its dampness issues, not assisted by adjacent former brickfields now forming a nature reserve. Bridges were modified or removed to enable ample overhead wire clearance.

The Electrification HQ at Cadder Yard oversees Overhead equipment & infrastructure supplies, the work executed primarily during overnight possessions. Differing soil types had to be accounted for. Track in Cowlairs Tunnel has been replaced, overhead conductor wire installed & new signalling commissioned at Queen Street. Track has been renewed at Eastfield & Springburn. We saw the wiring train, and staff installing mast support brackets on viaducts. Millerhill services Cl.385s, with new facilities, including sewage disposal from the controlled emission toilets fitted to current stock.

A most informative afternoon from an excellent speaker.