A Modern Image? – Not Quite

Presenter – Peter Robins

This was a superb presentation covering virtually the whole of the British Isles, all but a couple of photographs were Peter’s own work, with the aid of a little modification courtesy of photo shop to help make images suitable for digital showing.
The period covered was from the start of dieselisation in the late1960’s through to today, this took in all diesel and electric classes such as the Peaks, Deltic’s, HST’s and virtually every other class of the early diesels you could possibly think of, I mentioned through to today as we saw some of those original classes of locos still working trains 60 years after their introduction. Peter had travelled to so many places and such great locations that I find it difficult to pin point any one, as we saw so many wonderful places whether industrial, in town, or open countryside, I found it just an enthralling and varied afternoon and could easily see it all again.

Dave Elsdon
Branch Secretary