Library Rules


Please –

Record your attendance in the attendance register, noting times of arrival and departure

Leave all bags in the reception area and coats on the coat hooks.

In the event of a fire or emergency alert, follow the fire and evacuation procedure and vacate the building immediately in an orderly manner.

Take care on the stairs and in opening and closing doors. (There are strong closure springs on the first floor doors!).

Do not prop doors open unless it is absolutely necessary and you have permission from the person in charge (it may be a fire hazard).

Always treat other users and volunteers who staff the archive and library with respect.

Treat all library stock, furniture, and equipment with care. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance if you need help in accessing or using any library stock or facility.

Assist in keeping the tea and coffee area clean and tidy. A donation towards the tea and coffee would be appreciated.

Donations towards the cost of maintaining the library are always welcome.

Rules For Archive and Library LOANS

These rules apply to personal or branch (Library Box) loans.

A current RCTS or affiliated Society membership card must be shown when borrowing items.

Non-members may NOT borrow items, but can visit and view the collection.

Loan items must be returned by the due date (normally 6 weeks from the date of loan).

Repeated late returns may mean you are refused future loans.

Lost or damaged items MUST be replaced at the borrower’s cost.

The person in charge has the authority to refuse a loan if necessary.

Please note that some rare, old and/or valuable items are not able to be loaned to members, but can be consulted at Leatherhead.

Last updated: 22nd December 2019