Library Update

The Archive and Library Book Catalogue, Books For Sale and Railway Leaflet lists have been updated on the Collections page.

The opening situation remains as described below.

Andy Davies 5th June 2021


Following the April 12th (England) easing of COVID -19 restrictions Public Libraries are able to reopen.  Therefore we are able to have visitors at Leatherhead again.

As in 2020 we are not yet advertising formal open days but will accept visitors by prior arrangement. Please contact me if you wish to visit and we will endeavour to open the Archive and Library for you.

As soon as we have more certainty about the relaxation (or, hopefully, removal) of restrictions we will reinstate formal open days as was planned for last year; mostly weekdays with some Saturdays.  Please check the website and future ROs for confirmation.

We have some additional guidelines for visitors due to COVID-19, but also plenty of hand sanitiser and wipes to enable us to keep the Archive clean! We will try to keep you safe!

Contact : or 01932 855015

Andy Davies 19th April 2021


The book catalogue and for sale lists on the Library Collections page have been updated.

Although we are still unable to have official open days, we can arrange a special opening, by request, for an individual (contact for further information).  COVID-19 safety precautions such as the wearing of face coverings in the building will be obligatory and we will try to have only one person working in a room.  We also have anti-bacterial cleaning materials availiable for use.

Andy Davies 9th December 2020

Image and E-mail Group pages have been added.  The Archive and Library remains closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As soon as we can reopen, details will be posted on the website.

Andy Davies 25th May 2020

The book catalogue on the collections page has been updated today.   A list of books and Railway Observers for sale has also been uploaded.

Andy Davies 10th April 2020

In line with all other Society events, the Archive and Library is closed until further notice.  However some work is, and has been, ongoing so that several of the files on the collections page have been updated over the past couple of months.

Andy Davies 29th March 2020

An initial version of the business case for proceeding with the leasing of Leatherhead Stationmaster’s House was produced in May 2016 by Andy Davies and Bob Green, but the Management Committee (MC) were reluctant to approve it at that stage, due to the amount of expenditure that was included.

On 9th February 2017 the MC paid a visit to the Leatherhead premises in order to view the completed refurbishment work on the building interior. It was considered that the building work was of excellent quality. This also showed that certain costs included in the original business plan were unnecessary (For example £4500 for floor coverings).

At the June MC meeting I was appointed “Chief Archivist” and then circulated my request for volunteers to assist with running the archive. A sufficient number of people responded to this request to give the MC confidence that we would be able to run an archive at Leatherhead.

In September 2017 Amey TPT (the leasing company acting for Southern Railway) were contacted by our Chairman to introduce himself and advise TPT of changes to the project team. The discussion also established that TPT/Southern were happy to give the RCTS the option of a break to the lease at the 6 year point of the 12 year lease, something considered necessary in case the leasing costs were found to be beyond our means.

A final business case was prepared by the Society Treasurer and presented to the MC at the September 2017 MC meeting. The meeting then formally agreed that the Society proceed with signing of the Leatherhead lease. Southern’s solicitors were informed and an ‘Early Access Letter’ was provided prior to the signing of the lease.

Network Rail then became involved resulting in some changes to the original terms of the lease. It is very likely that the amendments have come about due to the time lag since the original terms were agreed and the inclusion of a break clause as sought by ourselves.

I am now pleased to inform you all that the Early Access Letter has been signed and I have taken possession of the keys to the Stationmaster’s House at Leatherhead Station.

We will now proceed with equiping the building with appropriate furniture and moving the Uxbridge Library, and the stores at Stockport, Stevenage and Northampton to Leatherhead.

I have some volunteers, from my previous request for assistance, but additional help will always be appreciated, please contact me if you can assist.

Once the Early Access Letter was signed and I took possession of the keys to the Stationmaster’s House at Leatherhead Station, the situation changed rapidly. A time line of events in 2018 is as follows:

8 March – Early Access Letter signed

16 March – Keys collected

March – Library furniture quotation updated following measurement of the rooms

1 May – Manuals for the building received

30 May – Quotation Accepted

12 June – Final site survey by FG Library Furniture’s Managing Director

25-26 June – Furniture installed

24 July – Fire Extinguishers installed

25 July – Stockport store packed in boxes

31 July – First delivery from the Stevenage store

5 August – Stockport Store delivered

28-29 August – Uxbridge Library moved

29 August – Uxbridge cleared

4 September – Northampton store moved

7 September – Uxbridge keys handed back

9 September – Second delivery from the Stevenage store

Remainder of September – Tidying and Sorting

30 September – Kitchen Cabinet assembled

30 September – Portable Appliance Testing

5 October – Computer and Plaque installed

5 October – CLEANING

6 October– The Grand Opening

Following the Grand Opening we have now set some initial dates for opening and visitors are welcome, although it is best to confirm that the archive will be staffed for you visit.

Ongoing tasks are to: Continue sorting the books and archive material, stock check, catalogue new items, photographs – Catalogue and Scan (a Huge Task!), publicity and advertising, sell duplicated or unwanted items, decide on our policy for periodicals.

I have some volunteers, from my previous request for assistance, but additional help will always be appreciated, please contact me if you can assist.

Andy Davies 27th October 2018

Last updated: 5th June