In view of the fact that I am in the process of putting together the "Annual State of Branch" letter, which is to include details appertaining to each of the indoor meetings that have been organised for the forthcoming 2019/20 season, this report for August will be somewhat briefer than usual.

The July meeting comprising of an outdoor event took members to the lines of Bradford Model Engineers where 'playing with trains' perfectly described an evening of enjoyment. The two tracks around the local park in Shipley were in full use enabling locomotives of varied gauges to be used throughout the evening.

A total of five engines were turned out, three of which were steam powered. A couple of Simplex 0-6-0 tanks occupied the centrepiece oval circuit together with a battery electric model of a London Transport electric #8 "Sherlock Holmes". Star billing for the evening was accorded to a superb 71/4" 0-4-0ST Hunslet quarry engine working in conjunction with a ubiquitous diesel hydraulic 0-6-0 on which members were invited to test their driving skills around the very lengthy woodland circuit. An offer which was taken up by a number of adventurous individuals.

Due to the enthusiasm of the engineers themselves, who provided the grand array of motive power and the accompanying hospitality, this was an outstanding success and will be well remembered by those branch members and friends who were present.

As mentioned in my July notes the current season will finally be brought to its conclusion with the last event which will be the usual evening of observation at Doncaster, taking place on Thursday 15th August. Broadly speaking members usually convene anywhere between 4.00pm/6.30pm and leave when they have simply had their fill. Doncaster is always worth a visit as something worthwhile always happens to turn up. A mixture of ECML action incorporating Azumas, HST's and 91's could well prove to be of some significant interest and worthy of recording. All will be revealed and commented upon in the Branch September Newsletter.

On a national footing this year's annual members' weekend, centred at Leicester, will be taking place and Saturday's agenda comprises of visits to the Great Central and Ruddington Railways, both of which are based in Loughborough. Details have been circulated along with the August RO and may well be of interest to some of our members. Should you wish to know more of this please feel free to give me a call or make contact by email and I will do my best to help. Other than this nothing of significance has materialised.

Lastly a brief note to advise all that the first meeting of the new season will be at our usual Saltaire venue on the evening of Thursday 19th September commencing at 7.30pm. On this occasion the presenter is to be Mike Taylor who will be showing a selection of photographs from the work of Bill Ashcroft. Reports of this show are most encouraging and therefore promises to be an excellent start to the new programme.

My best wishes to all who have supported the Branch in the past and who, I hope, will continue to do so into the up and coming 2019/2020 season. Your support is so greatly valued.

Kind regards to all.


Last updated: 5th August 2019