Fisons and other Weedkilling Trains Carriages


Although much vegetation control in the BR era was handled ‘in house’ various contractors were also used. Two of these, Chipmans and Fisons, had there own weedkilling trains formed of former railway carriages which were hauled/propelled by BR locomotives. This conundrum mainly concerns the Fisons trains which in the 1970s were based at Foxton, Cambridgeshire before moving to Chesterton Junction, Cambridge in 1980/1981. Information is though included about the other trains. As more information comes to light the amount of information included will be expanded. For those interested in the detail of carriage histories the conundrum remains as to the original numerical identity of the LMSR carriages used in the Fisons trains and the carriages in early Chipmans trains.

Fisons Weedkilling Train

BR NER/ER Weedkilling Train

Chipmans Weedkilling Train

Last updated: 22nd April