Here the term ‘Drags’ is used to describe the use of a diesel locomotive to haul a normally electrically powered train when no electric supply is available.  Such incidences are either the result of on the day problems such as locomotive failure or overhead line damage or are pre-planned due to engineering works requiring trains to be diverted, or the power supply to be switched out.  It is the latter type of drags which are covered in this topic.  
On various occasions since the ECML was electrified planned drags have taken place, usually involving use of a diversionary non-electrified route.  The menu on the left lists such instances for which details are known.  Further details including routings, trains involved and diesel ‘drag’ locomotives can be found by clicking on the menu.
Additional information is welcomed, particularly that correcting, adding to, or filling gaps in our records.
Please contact Peter Hall with any additional information.
67008 heads 1E05 07.30 Edinburgh-Kings Cross through Colton on 26th January 2013, 91101 is on the rear Neil Gibson

Last updated: 27th January 2019