Winter 2004


All trains listed were dragged between York and Newcastle Upon Tyne. They were diverted via Yarm, Stockton-on-Tees and Stillington between Northallerton and Ferryhill.

Saturday 10th January 2004

670171N1619:15Kings Cross-Newcastle Upon Tyne

Sunday 11th January 2004

670171S1109:00York-Glasgow Central670211A2008:15Newcastle Upon Tyne-Kings Cross

Saturday 17th January 2004

670301N1619:15Kings Cross-Newcastle Upon Tyne

Sunday 18th January 2004

670301S1108:23York-Berwick upon Tweed

Saturday 24th January 2004

670141N1619:15Kings Cross-Newcastle Upon Tyne

Sunday 25th January 2004

670301S1109:00York-Glasgow Central670141A2008:10Newcastle Upon Tyne-Kings Cross

Saturday 31st January 2004

670151N1518:15Kings Cross-Newcastle Upon Tyne670191E2118:00Glasgow Central-Doncaster
670301N1619:15Kings Cross-Newcastle Upon Tyne

Sunday 1st February 2004

670151S1109:00York-Glasgow Central670301A2008:10Newcastle Upon Tyne-Kings Cross
670301S1409:35Doncaster-Glasgow Central670261A2109:30Newcastle Upon Tyne-Kings Cross
670231N1619:45Kings Cross-Newcastle Upon Tyne670171G5009:56Newcastle Upon Tyne-Kings Cross
670171N1820:45Kings Cross-Newcastle Upon Tyne670231E0608:50Edinburgh-Kings Cross Note 1
670261N1921:45Kings Cross-Newcastle Upon Tyne

Saturday 7th February 2004

670221N1619:15Kings Cross-Newcastle Upon Tyne

Sunday 8th February 2004

670171S1109:00York-Glasgow Central670221A2008:10Newcastle Upon Tyne-Kings Cross

Note 1 Not diverted, dragged between Newcastle Upon Tyne and York via Darlington

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