RO August Talking Points - National Zoom Based Society Meetings -

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RO August Talking Points - National Zoom Based Society Meetings -

Post by roeditor » Thu Jul 30, 2020 3:59 pm

The following item appears in the August RO and feeds into the discussion already initiated in this Forum.

Given the recent successful use by some branches of the screen- based Zoom facility as a substitute for cancelled face to face Branch meetings. The RCTS Trustees are keen to test the possibility of holding regular, perhaps bi-monthly, Zoom meetings as a means of improving communication with all Society members and maintaining a ‘national’ element to Society activities, which, because of current circumstances, has been absent since the 2019 Members’ weekend at Leicester.
It is envisaged that each meeting would be chaired by a society trustee who will update members and branch officers on overall trust activities and developments, followed by a presentation by a guest ‘speaker’ involving both words and images, from a home-based Zoom session, very much in the style of a normal Branch meeting. Overall the meetings would be timed to last between 60 and 90 minutes and would be open to all members on the basis of pre-booked invitations.
We are still assessing the likely appeal and feasibility of this facility but in the first instance we would like to hear from potential speakers who would be prepared to assist us in testing the market and delivering such remote essentially home-based presentaions. Whilst we are keen to reach as many members as possible using Zoom, at least initially it is likely that each meeting will be limited to no more than 100 participants, and require e-mailed pre-notification by members to receive a formal ‘Zoom‘ invitation. Hopefully we will test this concept with a Zoom meeting in late September and will provide further details both in the September RO and on the website Members’ Forum.
Please contact either myself as Editor of the RO or Chairman Callum MacLeod if you are interested in helping us take this innovation forward.

Mike Robinson

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