Hartford Station (Cheshire)

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Hartford Station (Cheshire)

Post by RichardCoulthurst » Fri Oct 30, 2020 6:02 pm

I have an enquiry from a non-member who asks if anyone has any photographs or information about Hartford Station in Cheshire.

In particular, he is looking for a photograph of the station house (i.e. the stationmaster’s residence) on Chester Road, Hartford. Presumably this is a different building to the station building itself. The house has been demolished probably at the time the station was rebuilt during electrification.

Perhaps surprisingly, in the early days of the railways, Hartford on the Grand Junction Railway served as the rail head for Holyhead and mail to and from Ireland was brought this way by road coach before the Chester and Holyhead railway opened.

My enquirer wants to know more about the handling of this mail through Hartford Station:
- from Ireland to Holyhead by boat
- by horse drawn coach from Holyhead to Hartford Station (before Chester had the railway)
- offloaded from coach to train via a steep covered ramp (the very long platforms at Hartford are in a deep cutting)
- by train from Hartford Station to London
- and the reverse route, London to Ireland.

Any information however small will be appreciated.

Richard Coulthurst
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