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The collection comprises approximately 52,300 images available to view and purchase online. Others are awaiting digitisation.

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Ordering prints/images via the Zenfolio website

Digital Downloads are £2.00 each.

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6" x 4" £2.50
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Postage is determined by Zenfolio and starts at £ 3.00/order. There is no minimum order.


ARJ Mr Alan Johnson (Colour images)
AW Arthur Wells (B&W and colour images)
BAX Ian Baxter
BALD Barry Balderstone
BEL Mr Bellham (Colour images)
BJW Brian J Walter (B&W images)
BRO Mr Brough (B&W images)
CAR Michael Carter (B&W and colour images)
CAS C G Castle (B&W images)
CC Cyril Crawley (B&W and colour images)
CH John Haydon (B&W and colour)
CHA David Chatfield
CLA P M N Clay
COT Major E A S Cotton (B&W images)
COWP Edwin Cowper (Colour images)
CRA Images donated by the Cumbrian Railways Association
CUL John Cull (B&W images)
DAV Mr Davidson (B&W and colour images)
DCA David Caldwell (B&W and colour images)
DCH David Chubb (Colour images)
DEW Doug White (B&W images)
DPT David Tomlin (Colour images)
DRUR David Drury
DWA David W Allen (B&W images)
DUNS Geoff Dunster (B&W and colour images)
FAI Jack Faithfull (B&W images)
FAU Frank Faulkner
FRE Rob Freeman (Colour images)
GGR Gordon Grubb (Colour images)
GLE Peter Glenn
GMS George Staddon (Colour images)
GOU Godfrey Raymond Gould
GUN Mr Gunner
HAR John Harrison (B&W and colour images)
HAY Eric Hayman
HOD Mr Hodge
HR H R Harper
HU Kevin Hughes (B&W and colour images)
JAY John A Young (B&W images)
JEB John E Baker (B&W and colour images)
JFJ J F C Johnson
JFR John F Robinson (Colour images)
JH John Hillmer (B&W and colour images)
JHV J H Vickery (B&W images)
KAG Keith Guthrie (B&W and colour images)
KIR Dick Kirkby
KL Keith Langston
LAN Keith Landon (Colour images)
LIP Geoff Lipscombe (Colour images)
LJH Les J Hallett (B&W images)
MART Mr Martin (B&W and colour images)
MER Alan Merrells
MJB M J Burnett (B&W and colour images)
MM Michael Mensing (B&W and colour images)
MOR Derek Morris
MSL M Southwell (Colour images)
NB Norman Browne (B&W and colour images)
NOB Tom Noble
PG Peter Green (B&W images)
PHIL W T Phillips (B&W images)
PHW Phillip H Wells (B&W images)
PMB Peter Mallaband (B&W and colour images)
POR Porter
PRE Gordon Preston
PROU Peter Proud (B&W images)
RE Ray Reed (B&W and colour images)
RGW Mr R G Warwick (B&W and colour images)
RH Roger Hateley (B&W and colour images)
RIP Keith Rippengal (Colour images)
RPP R P Phillips (B&W images)
RUL Russell Leitch
SCR John Scrase
SHIP Keith Shipley (B&W images)
SHU Jim Shuttleworth
SUT David Sutcliffe (B&W and colour images)
TFD T. F. Davis (Colour images)
THO Mr J Thomas (Colour images)
TOM Tomkins
UNA Images from a photographer who cannot be identified
UNB Images from a photographer who cannot be identified
UNC Images from a photographer who cannot be identified
UND Images from a photographer who cannot be identified
UNE Images from photographers who cannot be identified
UNK Images from photographers who cannot be identified
VAU Edward (Ted) Vaughan
WAK D H Wakeley
WARD Mr Ward (B&W images)
WAT Denys Watkins
WOOL N Woolhouse (B&W images)