“Prince of Wales” – A Brand-New Steam Locomotive for the 21st Century

Continuing with our Zoom meetings currently, this evening we welcomed Rob Morland of the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust to talk to us about the current new build of a P2 2-8-2 steam locomotive for the 21st Century “The Prince of Wales”. Rob joined the Trust in 1994 as someone who would do the planning for the build of A1 loco 60163 “Tornado”, and has been very highly involved with the building of this new loco. Externally this engine will replicate the original few locos of the P2 Class built in 1934. The evening was a fascinating mix of facts and figures alongside videos of the work progressing, including the casting of the driving wheels, the assembly of the main side plates and the pressing of the axle drives, etc. much of this work has been carried out in the original works carriage shed in Darlington, with other parts built or manufactured around the country and some in Europe. Many of the design features are the same as “Tornado”, but the P2 will have a 6200 gallon tender capacity, which will enable the engine to travel most of her proposed journeys with only one water stop. She will also carry 5 tons of coal to burn on the 50 square-foot of fire-grate. Rob has been responsible the all the electrics, including modern digital technology to meet with Network Rails new digital signalling system ECTS to be introduced on the ECML in a couple of years’ time. This locomotive subject brought out many questions from our fascinated audience.


Dave Elsdon

Branch Secretary