The RCTS has a lengthy history of publishing books on railway subjects. These are predominantly based on locomotives but far from entirely. For the purpose of ease of reference the publications are presented here in the following groupings:

Locomotive Stock Books

Coaching Stock Books

Individual Locomotive Histories

Series Locomotive Histories

Company Locomotive Histories

After an initial period of shorter works, the Society turned to large-scale projects to document the history of all steam locomotives that worked for the post-grouping and nationalised main line railways. In many cases these were authored by teams, the exception being the late Don Bradley‘s herculean effort on the locomotives of the Southern Railway and its constituents. The projects covering the Great Western Railway, Southern Railway and the LNER are long since complete. The projects covering the LMS, Standard Classes and WD Austerities continue.

Railway Localities

Over many years a number of diverse publications come under this heading. In some cases they are the life work of an individual whom the Society has supported with advice and publishing knowledge to enable its fruition. The Society‘s published traffic surveys from around 1960 are included under this heading.

All of these publications are available for members to peruse or borrow through the Society‘s library service. The detail below includes the library reference. In many cases there is more than one edition or impression. For clarity these have been omitted but are indicated by an asterisk against the library reference.

Last updated: 5th February 2019