2020 Annual General Meeting

“The Railway Correspondence and Travel Society”

A Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered with the Charity Commission

Registered Number 1169995

The deferred 2020 AGM will take place on Saturday 24th October starting at 14.00.

It will be a virtual meeting using Zoom. You will be able to connect from a PC, tablet or similar device with both video and voice or dial-in using a phone (voice only, national call rates). You must register in advance (click here). Registrations will be checked manually so confirmation won’t be immediate, please don’t leave it until the last minute. The confirmation will contain the link to the meeting. It is possible for those without any internet access to register and join by phone – details are in the RO.

Zoom is very easy to install and use. If you have never used it before why not try it by joining one of the many branch meetings we are holding using Zoom?

A guide to using Zoom has been provided by Jeremy Harrison: Zoom Simple Meeting Instructions (as revised 27 July 2020)

Notice of 2020 Annual General Meeting

The Trustees and Management Committee of the Society do hereby give notice that the Annual General Meeting, previously arranged for Saturday 25th April 2020, now will be held on Saturday 24th October 2020 by virtual video communication, commencing at 14.00.

The notice for the original meeting sought nominations for the appointment or re-appointment of five Trustees.

That notice also sought nominations for the election or re-election of the following four Management Committee positions:

Chairman of the Society

Two Committee Members

The above are three year appointments – plus

Society Secretary for an initial one year term of office

The nominations for these posts have already been received and have the consent of the nominees.  Also, any items for the Agenda and/or proposals for changes to the Society Rules and Constitution have already been notified to the Society Secretary by the original required date.

Note that the proposed changes to the Rules or Constitution were notified in the March edition of The Railway Observer.  The Agenda for the meeting, comprising of any resolutions to be voted upon, shall form part of the AGM Supplement to be issued alongside The Railway Observer in October  In accordance with Clause 11 of the Society’s Constitution, this serves as the revised formal notice of the AGM.

Geoff Adams – Acting Society Secretary

Chairman’s Statement

As you will see from the notice above for the 2020 Annual General Meeting, we will be using Zoom as the medium for our considerably delayed 2020 AGM.  I trust that as many members as possible will take the opportunity of registering for the AGM and we look forward to seeing you, if not in person, then on our various 15” video screens.  The Trustees will be proposing adoption of the revised Rules which were circulated with the March RO, but subject to the following minor adjustments suggested by members (and approved by the Trustees) following the original publication:

Rule 5.c) replace ‘audited financial statement’ with ‘examined financial statement’.

Rule 5.d) replace ‘to audit’ with ‘to examine’.

Rule 6.h) delete this clause and renumber following clauses from ‘6.i)’ to ‘6.h)’.

In addition, if these new Rules are adopted by the required majority of members present and voting at the AGM, then it will be necessary to modify two further ones, as follows:

Rule 1b) replace ‘members present and voting at the AGM in Coventry on 25th April 2020, the amended Rules then taking effect from 1st June 2020.’with ‘members present and voting at the AGM held by virtual video communication on 24th October 2020, the amended Rules then taking effect from 25th November 2020.’

Rule 11f) replace ‘take effect from 1st June 2020’ with ‘take effect from 25th November 2020’.

There will be a short presentation by myself on all the changes being proposed to alter the governance of the Society.

Callum MacLeod – Acting Chairman

Last updated: 15th September