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This gallery has been split into several sections. For 37890 the groups of photos are arranged in chronological order while for 60001 they are similarly arranged up to the naming ceremony; after that they are grouped for various types of workings. Light engines and stabled locomotives have been omitted except for except for two which show changes to the locomotive.

The history pages for 37890 and 60001 have been combined with the photo gallery, split between the various periods. Pages for the naming ceremonies are also included; the logs of trains worked by 37890 and 60001 are at the end of each locomotive’s section.

The scope of this photo gallery has been expanded to include 925/30925 Cheltenham, which can be considered to be the first of ‘Our Locos’ since Cheltenham was the first branch of the society; for many years until December 1972 a line drawing of this locomotive appeared on the front cover of The Railway Observer.

Thanks to the society members, and others, who have submitted their photos, many of which have been included in this gallery. If you are able to submit further photos, particularly for the sections with few photos or for regular workings not currently included, please see request for photographs.

Text by Alan Cooke, Andrew Lait, John Lewis and Bob Wallen © RCTS 2014

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Last updated: 10th March 2019