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Numbered D6868, the locomotive was new in October 1963 having been built by English Electric/Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns at Darlington. Works numbers allocated were EE 3346 and RSH 8399. As D6868 it was first allocated to Cardiff Canton Depot (86A) and taken into Western Region stock under a Swindon lot number, 458 – this was the standard practice at that time. At the time of delivery, D6868 was known as an EE Type 3 Phase 2 locomotive. In the late 1960s it lost its D prefix, becoming 6868. Then, under the TOPS renumbering scheme, 6868 became 37168 is February 1974.

After a three-year stay in South Wales, subsequent transfers took D6868/37168 to Healey Mills (56B/55C) in December 1966, Tinsley (41A/TI) in July 1970, Thornaby (TE) in September 1973, Tinsley again in March 1975, Immingham (IM) in November 1977 and Stratford (SF) in May 1984. Throughout this period, it appears that the locomotive carried only the standard BR green and then BR blue liveries, but with the addition of yellow headcode warning panels at some time.

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