1987 – 1993


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The major change occurred in 1987 when 37168 was called to Crewe Works under the large-scale Class 37 refurbishment programme then under way. It was extensively modified with an alternator replacing the generator, regeared CP7 bogies and the addition of ballast to take its weight to 120 tons. The locomotive was outshopped in October 1987 renumbered as 37890.

37890 was one of the early recipients of the new Trainload Freight ‘triplegrey’ livery applied at the time of refurbishment. It remained a Stratford locomotive allocated to the Petroleum sub-sector, and the appropriate blue and yellow decals were also added. The duties of the Stratford allocation of class 37/7s were mainly centred on the north Thames area oil refineries with the locomotives normally outbased at Ripple Lane depot. Pool code FPLX, later FPFS, was allocated to this fleet. In April 1990, Immingham (IM) took over maintenance responsibility and 37890 found itself in the newly created FPFR pool, still outbased at Ripple Lane. In April 1991, 37890 was loaned to Cardiff Canton based pool FPEK for one week, although not transferred to Canton, and then moved on in the same month to Immingham pool FPCI based on Humberside, returning to pool FPFR at Ripple Lane in September.

  37890 with 4-wheel oil tanks at Cambridge, 16th April 1988. Dave Campbell
  37890 with 4-wheel oil tanks at Harringay Park Junction, heading eastward at about 08.00 for Ripple Lane, 6th May 1988. Nic Joynson
  37890 stabled at Nottingham carriage sidings; note that it now carries an Immingham depot logo on the cabside, 6th July 1991. "A Driver"

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