1994 – 1999


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In March 1994 37890 was transferred to Stewarts Lane in newly formed pool ESBB London area class 37/7 as part of the newly established Trainload Freight Southeast Division, later Mainline Freight, prior to privatisation.

In March 1996, ownership of all freight locomotives was transferred to English Welsh & Scottish Railway (EWS) on privatisation. 37890 was still allocated to Stewarts Lane but was now in pool EWDB Chiltern & Heathrow Infrastructure. In September 1997 37890 was transferred to Eastleigh, on the closure of the EWS part of Stewarts Lane depot, remaining in pool EWDB. Then in December 1998, as part of a rationalisation of EWS allocations and pool codes, 37890 was transferred to Toton in pool WKGN Systemwide class 37/7.

  37890 at Salisbury with 6U62 10.37 Fawley to Tavistock Junction. loaded oil tanks, 12th May 1994. John N Smith
37890 hauled the Tavistock Junction oil tanks more than any other working recorded in the 37890 Log; it was also the most frequent locomotive to work that train.
  37890 at Northam Junction with Eastleigh to Fawley bogie and 4-wheel oil tanks, 1st July 1994. Nic Joynson
This train conveys loaded crude oil tanks from Holybourne, at the front, and empty bitumen and fuel oil tanks from Plymouth (Tavistock Junction) and Bristol; thanks to Brian Garrett for this information.
  37890 stabled at Toton TMD, shortly after the Petroleum sector decals had been removed, 18th September 1994. Bob Wallen
  37890 hauling 7O02 12.40 Acton to Woking loaded stone at Kensington Olympia, 27th April 1995. John N Smith
  37890 at Levington on a Leeds to Felixstowe container train, 23rd November 1996. John Day
  37890 at Totton on 09.33 Fawley to Westbury tanks (note the second plate fitted), 7th May 1997. Rodney Lissenden
  37890 hauling loaded 4-wheel MGR, possibly coal for a cement works. Pauline McKenna
  37890 at Westerleigh with Avon binliner, 29th May 1998. Nic Joynson
  37890 hauling a failed HST at Carlisle, 17th July 1998. Tony Zayachkivsky
This was 37890’s only recorded visit to Scotland as a named locomotive. It stabled overnight at Edinburgh Waverley, platform 9, then left light engine to Carlisle at 09.45.
  37890 near Llandulas with 7L31 12.50 Penmaenmawr to Guide Bridge loaded engineers’ train, 25th July 1998. Dave Peachey
  37890 at Stenson Junction with Hull to Baglan Bay acetic acid tanks, 18th September 1998. Bob Wallen
  37890 on Merehead to Hamworthy stone train, 17th October 1998. Martyn Thresh
After unloading at the terminal near Hamworthy Junction, the train runs the full length of the branch to allow the locomotive to run round.
  37890 running round on Hamworthy branch, 17th October 1998. The level crossing is the main road entrance for the cross channel ferry port, hence the “Welcome to Poole” sign in the background. Martyn Thresh

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